Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life is a roller coaster

August has been the most hectic month for me this year. Most probably it's because I have been traveling a lot during that month so, I practically had no time to update my blog at all.

Talking about traveling - yes, I went back to KL for 5 days and 4 nights just because I've really been missing that place so much.

This time around, I have really enjoyed my stay and I totally acted touristy because for once, I did not want to feel like owning the place. In fact, I just wanted to be a tourist. Well, that kinda explains all the touristy pictures.

My brother was being exceptionally nice this time around and he treated us for a great dinner at Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La Hotel.

The main attraction for the buffet dinner was the big lobsters!

I couldn't stop eating!

That was the moment when I suddenly realized #dietfailed again. LOLX! Life is cruel - at the time you are thinking of losing weight, everyone will tempt you!

Even the desserts were exceptionally nice over there!

Again, I took a lot of touristy pictures at the hotel just because it's Shangri-La! LOLX! Don't worry, I will not be showing you all the pictures :P

Or maybe, one is enough?

Besides that, I also met up with my best friends in KL during my short stay there. I was so, so happy to see them!

When I saw them, all of a sudden, it struck me, why did I make the decision to return to my hometown to work when my best friends are in KL and my life pretty much revolves in KL? Haih... sometimes, right, I just feel like I've made a wrong decision to move back.

Well, that's a story for another day...

So, after coming back from KL, the next day, I flew back to KL to transit to Bangkok. I know it sounded crazy but well... we do crazy things sometimes.

My traveling partners!

 I was so happy to go back to Platinum Mall, seriously! There are just so many things to browse around in that mall and everything is so, so cheap over there!

If you'd ask me, I'd tell you Bangkok would be the place you'd have to visit if you plan to shop until you drop. Everything in Bangkok seems so cheap!

Even the people there are friendly!

Finally, went I went to Chatuchak this time around, I got to try out the infamous coconut ice-cream!
The ice-cream was divine!

Please don't judge me!

I have never tried anything that tasted better than that ice-cream!

On top of that, this time around, I made it to Pattaya as well. I remember, my girlfriends and I actually thought of going there in 2009 but that time, we were unable to do so due to the riot thing going on in Pattaya.

The beach was seriously beautiful and heavenly. I wish I could retire there one day.

Perhaps, I should consider marrying a Thai.


Finally, traveling ended at the end of August! So many things have happened during that month and I finally came to understand yes, a lot of things happened for a reason. For the reason, one has to be thankful that he or she is still breathing.

Sure enough, sometimes, things may seem hard and you feel like giving up.

Before you give up, think back on the reason why you have embarked the journey - pray hard for God's assistance and guidance.

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