Friday, August 1, 2014

50 First Dates :)

Pretty much reminds me of the movie that I really enjoyed watch years back.

Honestly, when it comes to dating, I guess I am pretty much a rookie because I don't remember having pleasant dating experiences and that sums up why I am still unattached up to this very day.

Whatever the reason is, we are gonna complete this tag today!

1. How long does it take you to get ready for a date?

I would say most probably, I would need about an hour? Well... a girl gotta do what she's gotta do and I am a firm believer in first impression counts.

Once I introduced a friend to my cousin and it ended up disastrous because my friend met my cousin without dressing up at all - a baggy tee with pants plus big, old thick glasses. My cousin told me, "If you're gonna introduce any girl friends to me, please let her know that the basic of all respect in the world is to dress up when you're meeting a person for the first time."

So, girls, please take your time and doll yourself up a little, alright?

2. Whats your idea of a perfect first date?
a) Dinner
b) Drinks
c) Cinema
d) Adventurous dates

I would go for B - drinks. I don't really feel comfortable going for dinner on a first date. If we are comfortable over a cup of tea or coffee, I guess dinner will follow :)

3. What would you gravitate more towards to wear on a date...
a) Jeans
b) Trousers
c) Skirt
d) Dress

Dress all the way, baby - I love dresses. After all, remember my belief on first impression counts?

Dresses can make you look 100 times sweeter and more innocent!

I only dress down when I get to know my date more through time. Then, I would most probably opt for shorts, jeans or tees.

Girls, dress to impress!

4. On the date of your choice what makeup would you wear
a) Girl next door
b) Smokey and sexy
c) Bold lip
d) Brights

I love make-up but for a date, I would easily go for my first look, smokey and sexy.

I am a firm believer that it's either you go big or you go home. Unless my date doesn't really like seeing me with make-up, I will tone it down to girl next door. 

On going out with make-up, well... the same theory applies - if I've gotten to know him, why not?

5. Your date says you have half an hour to be ready what do you do?

If that is a first date - I won't be going if I am not given sufficient time to get ready.

If that is not a first date, I would consider going out with pajamas on, if that doesn't embarrass him.

6. Your date asks for the bill, do you...
a) Offer to pay - with actual meaning to pay
b) Make a fake fuss - with no intention of paying
c) Expect him to pay straight away

I do not expect people to pay for me but if he's gentleman enough, why not?

Regarding bill, if the guy does not even 'offer' to pay and revert the bill to me, no thanks, mister, we are not seeing each other anymore after today.

7. It's time to say goodbye you really like your date do you...
a) Wave
b) Hug
c) Kiss on the cheek
d) Peck
e) Full on smooch

Most probably I would like a hug - I love hugs and occasional kisses but for first date, no thanks... let's just say we would save the best for the last.

I guess that's it about the tag.

This is seriously not the best time to complete this tag because I am deeply affected by quite a number of things right now.

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