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Unboxing Modbox June 2014

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Modbox is no stranger especially among beauty or lifestyle bloggers.

It is a monthly Beauty Box that gives you the power to choose the beauty samples that you want in your beauty box. If option A does not attract you, you can always opt for option B - how cool is that?

Exactly what a person like me needs!

I always have problem finding the right product. More than often, I end up purchasing the products that do not work for me. In the end, I wasted a lot of money and not that is not the smartest thing to do.

Better still, it requires no monthly commitment. You do not need to be subscribed to them every month - you can always come back when you've spotted products that you like. Well, just like Modbox would say it, "After all, this isn't a marriage."

You can choose 3 sample-sized items of your choice across 3 different categories. Best thing - you get to try that products that you don't want to splurge on unnecessarily. Then, all you have to do is to add those choices of yours into the cart and pay for the order :)

Price per box - RM9 only! 

Isn't that like a dream comes true for us girls, who cannot make up their minds? 

When I talked to some of my friends regarding Modbox, I found out that they were a little skeptical to subscribe to it. It was because they did not believe that with only RM9 they will be able to try out so many different products every month! If you are worried about originality of the products, rest assured that you are safe! 

Just to name a few, Modbox has samples from Crabtree & Evelyn, Murad, Ronasutra, Dermedex, Unico and several others. However, selection of beauty samples varies from one month to another. Well, if you come across something that you like, why not give it a try?

I was lucky to be given a privilege to review Modbox Blogger Kit. Thank you, Modbox!

The beauty box came with a greeting. Isn't it warm? We always love a warm message and yes, Modbox has it! 

The first item that attracted me - SHAiRE London Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo

I have always thought of wanting to try out dry shampoo but due to unavailability of dry shampoo at where I am currently staying, I did not manage to try any out at all.

I wash my hair on everyday basis because my hair oils up easily. I do understand that washing the hair everyday is not a good thing but I just cannot tolerate the sticky feeling if I leave my hair unwashed for a day. This dry shampoo comes really handy! I love the minty sensation if leaves upon using because for a mint lover like me, it makes my hair feels clean!

Just spray the product onto the scalp, massage and you're ready to go!

Next item - Overnight Elixir by Human ♥ Nature

Now, this is something I am skeptical about.

I have pretty oily skin and honestly, I do not really fancy oil-based products because they always break me out :(

Nevertheless, I have decided to give this product a try because I seriously think my skin needs some pampering as it ages. Furthermore, since I sleep under the air-conditioner, the normal serum or moisturiser does not do any justice. I often wake up with tight and dry skin.

After I have cleansed my face, I proceeded to use my everyday toner before applying this serum. True enough, when the serum came intact on my skin for the first time, it was indeed too oily for my liking. I persevere - I applied it.

It was quite interesting that although this is an oil-based serum, my skin absorbed it easily upon application. How miraculous is that? Best of all, it does not feel oily after I massaged it for quite some time.

That is one of the plus point of this product!

I have been enjoying using this product for the past 1.5 weeks - honestly, I do feel my skin becoming softer. Even Mr. Piggie commented on that as well.

Best of all - it did not break me out at all!

This is definitely one of the product that is worth buying!

Third item in the beauty box - Bifesta Eye Make-up Remover.

Seriously, Bifesta doesn't need much introduction on my behalf because I have been using bottles and bottles of Bifesta Make-up Remover ever since few years ago!

The reason why I got so hooked with it is that it is a water-based product and my oily skin loves it!

It can remove even the most waterproof mascara - no joke!

When I saw this in the beauty box - I screamed! I was thinking to myself, now, I can take this small bottle with me if I need to be on the go!

You guys should really, really try this make-up remover!

I can guarantee you will not regret it!

Fourth item - MiaCare Acne Patch.

This is yet another item that I have enjoyed using in this month's Modbox!

I never liked using acne patch because my previous experience of using it wasn't pleasant at all. The typical acne patch I bought from Guardian is quite thick and it always sticks out everywhere!

Due to the thickness, it is pretty hard for someone who applies make-up to actually conceal it under foundation or concealer.

However, with MiaCare Acne Patch - make-up application is a lot easier. I love the breathable material it is made from and better still, it does 'tame' the redness around the acne, plus concealing it a bit!

That way, you can bid bacteria goodbye!

Fifth item - Dentiste' Plus White Toothpaste.

If you are looking for a toothpaste that combats bad breath, you should try Dentiste' toothpaste!

I have finished using 2 tubes of this toothpastes and well, I am still loving it!

This product is highly recommended for those who is fighting bad breath due to minimal rest time or those having little time for oral care. If you are an avid smoker or coffee or tea person, well, this toothpaste is proven to be able to improve your teeth too!

With the toothpaste as our last product - that pretty much sums out this month's Modbox. I have enjoyed June 2014's products and I definitely look forward to July's products!

Thank you, Modbox, for a wonderful experience!

So, if you are interested, head over to Modbox to get your beauty box now!

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