Thursday, April 3, 2014

I bake - blue velvet white chocolate cheese cake!

So, these days, stupid sister and I are kind of in baking mood. I guess when you're bored and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do at home, that is the time when you will find something interesting and new to occupy your time.

When I came across this pretty cake in PopSugar Food, I told stupid sister that I want to try baking it!

I was so determined that the recipe would be easy because the host, Brandi Milloy, made it so, so easy to follow. If you're interested, here's the video.

I went out to pick a few ingredients and started baking.

Unfortunately, I missed out on the green colouring - that's the reason my cake turned out to be a blue velvet cake instead.

The recipe is so simple that even a cooking and baking noob like me can follow easily!

Even the cream cheese with white chocolate frosting is so easy to prepare!

The tough part was the task to assemble the layers. I don't think I am good in doing a good job in frosting the cake.

Well... in a way, the cake does look quite ugly...

Mum commented how ugly my cake looked.

Perhaps, I had added too much blue colouring.

It could be so.

Okay, on the taste - it's actually quite good!

Well... I can proudly say, I can bake!

The white chocolate cream cheese tasted so, so good!

 Remember to check out the recipe and try it out!

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