Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye, 2013!

2013 has not been entirely a smooth journey for me.

Honestly, it feels surreal that I've came this far in growing up and learning to be an adult with commitments.

Lemme just share some of the highlights of 2013.

First and foremost - I started working. I landed a job as a lecturer even though I dislike teaching and preparing notes.

The job is not as pleasing as majority of you would think it is. It requires a lot of effort to stay alert to mark papers and assignments plus preparing slides. There are nothing except for syllabi given to us and we have to develop our lessons on our own.

However, I am thankful that I've met helpful and friendly colleagues that are willing to help and lead me.

I do enjoy working with these wonderful bunch of people!

In 2013, I told myself that I would be actively blogging but in the end, I failed.

I realized life is not all about blogging but it is all about commitments to things aside from cyber world. I have been spending lesser and lesser time with family and friends due to work and time spent online. So, in the end, I couldn't fulfil my own promise to myself.


In 2013, my beloved car, Lulu, passed on due to old age.

We have had her for quite some time and she had become part of the family. She was with us through our ups and downs. It really did affect us with her sudden passing.

This year, we adopted a maltese, Toto.

Toto has been the heart of the family right at the moment when he came. He's active, loving, playful but sometimes, he can be naughtily annoying.

There were times when he chewed off my things and that made me very mad but after a few hours, I found out that I couldn't be mad at him. He's just too cute!

I am thankful for Toto.

In 2013, I have started to try to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Hence, I started frequenting the gym.

At the same time, I tried to eat healthy too.

Surprisingly, the weight came off easily - of course, it's with hard work and determination.

Well, that doesn't mean I do not indulge at all. Every once a while, I do still go out with friends and family for cheat day or YOLO meal.

I think I'm gonna keep this as my 2014 resolution.

Honestly, I don't think I have achieved much throughout 2013 but this is the journey of growing older and taking up commitments.

So, what have you achieved throughout 2013?

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