Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dermedex 3-day challenge

I have to really count my blessings when it comes to my skin and complexion.

I may not have perfect skin but thank goodness my skin is healthy. However, there are times when I would have acne outbreak especially during that time of the month. When the outbreak occurs, it usually lasts for about 2 weeks on the more serious note.

I used to battle with the worst case of acne problem when I was younger and it really jeopardized my self-confidence when it comes to meeting people. I got to know about Dermedex from a beauty blog and since then, I have never looked at any other acne-battling products again.

You may ask me why.

The reason is simple - the products work and they worked so well on me that after the trial size, I proceeded to purchase the FULL sized products. I introduced Dermedex to one of my cousins who was battling with acnes and pimples issues and he has been a convert since then too!

However, when I finished with the products about 8 months after my initial purchase, I found out that the salon that I bought the products from no longer sell them. They told me Dermedex has stopped their production of their products. I had to resort to finding other anti-acne products.

Today, I am going to share a very good anti-acne product with everyone.

A while ago, when Dermedex contacted to do a review for their Dermedex Challenge Pack, I was over the moon. Seriously, Dermedex has been the best anti-acne products that I have used so far!

I couldn't wait for the products to get to me!

I was overjoyed when I received the package!

If you do not know yet, Dermedex is back on shelves and this time, the formula has been improved! I couldn't wait to try it out!

There is one Bio'tox Cleanser and one Refining Cream 2 in the challenge pack.

Below are the descriptions, directions and ingredients for Bio'tox Cleanser and Refining Cream 2.

Bio'tox Cleanser is one of the favourite cleansers that I have ever used!

The cleanser, once squeezed out of the tube, is white and it has very creamy texture. It smells a little minty and fresh. The best thing about the cleanser is that it is not a foaming cleanser and as far as I know, for people with acne and pimple problems, using a foaming cleanser is not the best decision because your skin will be prone to more reactions.

The cleanser applied onto the face smoothly and gently. I could feel a mild tingling fresh, minty sensation upon application. The sensation will subside after 3 to 5 minutes. It is advisable to leave on the cleanser on your face for 15 to 30 minutes before washing off for a better result and I did that! Believe me, it felt amazing every time I used it.

For people with acne prone and sensitive skin, more than often, we try to avoid cream products but Refining Cream 2 is different from your average cream products.

The cream is not oily and best of all, the mild tingling sensation goes on for another 3 to 5 minutes after applying this cream.

It smells quite pleasant if you were to ask me.

Honestly, I truly took time to enjoy using these two products!

So now, here comes the exciting part - the 3-day challenge!


You can refer to the pictures below for the results.

* Pictures taken without editing or filler.

Day 1
I had obvious acne outbreak due to that time of the month and the hot weather did not help much. Some of the acnes and pimples hurt really bad especially those on the forehead.

* I started using Dermedex product once during the day and once at night.

Day 2
I could see some of my acnes began to dry up - that was so fast!

Day 3
Other than observing more acnes drying up, I could almost feel my skin got better in terms of oil-control. It could keep the oil at bay for more than 8 hours on me!

Day 4
Some acnes were almost completely gone and I could not believe my eyes!

Day 5
My skin was practically glowing after I washed it in the morning! WOW! That was the only reaction I could give myself when I looked into the mirror

Honestly, my skin has not felt this great for quite some time!

It was really crazy that my mum noticed my glowy skin!

Day 6
I could not believe my skin was nearing perfection on Day 6! After the initial application in morning at about 6am, my skin looked so good about 9 hours later.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

That was the only thing I could tell myself throughout the duration of using the product.

Dermedex 3-day challenge spelt out amazing for me!

Have you try out the newer and improved version of Dermedex products?


You can head to Dermedex's official website to check out their products.

One thing that I can assure you - the products are amazing.

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