Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lulu, you will be dearly missed!

I have always been a cat person all my life.

Back then, when I was a kid, I remember, we used to keep 13 cats. In the end, mum had to give the cats away because we did not have any space at home to keep all cats. We ended up keeping 1 to 3 cats and every four months, when the new batch of kittens were born we would choose our favourite cats and keep 1 or 2.

Lulu came in as the last batch because my brother neutered her when she was just a few months old.

Since then, Lulu grew bigger and bigger.

Our love towards her grew because she taught us to be patient and more caring towards animals. She used to rescue unknown kitties and brought them home to feed them until my parents were shocked of the sudden presence of these kitties. They had to give away these kitties.

I guess, it is indeed true that animals are loving towards each other.

Our Lulu was the most patient cat that we ever had.

She had the best temper and never really did get annoyed or angry at us. She would purr loudly and requested for tummy rub all the times.

She would come into the house and waited for us to wake up every morning outside of our room's door.

After breakfast, her daily activities would be to lie on the sofa and sleep. In the afternoon, she would wake up for her lunch before sneaking away. She would re-appear during dinner time and then on, she would stay with us in the living room until the next day.

During those days when my brother wasn't around the house, Lulu would sit in front of the room, staring blankly into it, half expecting my brother to be in the room. This had been her habit because my brother always brought her into the room with him whenever he was around.

I remember how it always melted my heart when I saw Lulu waiting right outside the room. I used to tell myself, Lulu, you've make us love you each and every day!

When Toto came few months ago, she felt threatened.

She fought for attention even though we did give her attention. I still played with her and even hugged her to sleep from time to time.

Over the few months, somehow, Lulu learned to perhaps like Toto a little bit. She began to approach him.

This made us appreciated her more - she was willing to share our attention and love with Toto.

My heart sank when I got back today and stupid sister announced to me that Lulu had passed away.

She had been sick for the past 3 days. We had brought her to the vet twice and still, she was not getting any better. We have tried so hard to nurse her to health but I guess sometimes things are just not meant to be.

We are really going to miss this beloved cat of ours so, so much.

Dearest Lulu, there will be no other cats in this world that could replace you presence in our hearts. We love you and thank you for every little thing that you have taught us during the 7 years you have been with us. Rest in peace, our dearest cat.

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