Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mushrooming acnes!

Ever since I moved back to KL after my graduation last year, I faced a problem, which is the nightmare of every single girl and sometimes, guys face the same problem as well - acne outbreaks!

It was horrendous!

The outbreak only was mushrooming on my forehead and I didn't like it a bit! As time passed by, the it got worse and somehow, the acne kinda transmit bacteria to another spot and soon, that particular spot was mushrooming with acne!

Did I not mention the outbreak got worse by day? If I didn't, then, yeah, the outbreak got worse by day until last week, I really couldn't stand it any longer.

After I've made a survey on the market's existing acne products and finally I got to know about Dermedex from Connie regarding her battles with zits on her forehead as well.

Even so, I was still skeptical to try this product because I thought this would just be like any other self-claim good acne products because it is stated in the packaging that...

Yes, it claims that you'll fall in love with the product. Well, did I really fall in love with Dermedex? Hahaha... Let's find out, okay?

Below is the picture taken before I started using Dermedex's challenge pack.

Sorry for the horrendous picture because I know it does look a little bit yuckie especially if you're eating something right now.

Anyway... I really love the Biotox Cleanser. When I initially washed my face with this cleanser, I could smell peppermint from it but don't worry, it doesn't smell like tooth paste though. I was told to leave the cleanser on for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off. The sensation was quite pleasant because I love peppermint and me love the smell as well!

As for the Biotox Refining Cream, the smell isn't pleasant because it smells like medicine - some kinda like antiseptic, I'd say but for the sake of getting rid of my acnes before November, I'd do anything!

You can see from the daily results that on Day 4, it got better but on Day 5, you can see a patch of redness on my forehead due to my itchy hands - I went and squeezed those blackheads and thus the results on Day 5 and Day 6.

Now, I totally regret that I squeezed those blackheads!

I want my clear forehead of Day 4 to come back to me... please, baby, come back to me... I still love you so damn much!

Let's say if this product really works out for me and I fall in love with it, my account is going to go dry once again - RM138 for the cleanser and cream each.

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