Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting fit and food

Hello, everyone!

It's a Wonderful Wednesday today!

Phew... it has been a whirlwind 3 weeks for me! I guess it's supposed to be a normal 3 weeks but due to the fact that I am on a diet, I feel the weeks were very long.

Now, before you think my diet is going to fail again, lemme tell you - I want to lose 10kg. Yes, that would be my target and best part of it.

Yes, baby, I am halfway through that 10kg! I have lost 5kg so far and 5kg more to go!

Alas, there are always temptations!

Food is good but at the same time, it is evil!

I have been fighting temptations and I am so glad I managed to stay on my track - firm and solid. However, that doesn't mean I have been missing out on the fun! In fact, I have been more active! I've been on a journey of food hunt with my friends.

There was one day when BFFs craved for some noodles and rice. So, we ended up visiting the infamous cafe called Cafe Cafe - my all time favourite!

We had one of the best Seafood Yee Mee in town.

Other than that, we also ordered the infamous Pineapple Fried Rice.

Two-thumbs up for having this at Cafe Cafe! Succulent breaded chicken tenders, sweet pineapple and raisin fried with rice - absolutely tasty!

The Tom Yum Seafood Noodles is another dish to die for at the cafe.

I can still feel the taste of Tom Yum lingering in my mouth as I am blogging about it. Yum, yum! There are big prawns in the noodles!

Aargh, I can't wait to go back to Cafe Cafe for this over the weekend! Stupid sister and I have a date with daddy at Cafe Cafe!

Another favourite - Nestum Chicken!

Gggrrrrr... I am salivating even though I am on diet!

Best ever!

Lemme show you a picture of Sarawakian version of Marmite Chicken.

The generous amount of onions made the dish smells so, so good! I guess they marinated the chicken real good as well to have taste so heavenly!

The following picture features Beef Rendang with Fried Buns.

It's stupid sister's favourite!

Last but not least, another general dish - buffalo wings but Cafe Cafe version

There is nothing to shout about for this dish because I have tasted better buffalo wings but there is no complain about it.

Just so prove to all of you I don't always eat out, I do have pictures of homemade food to share with you. Yes, I am eating healthy now.

I made kimbap!

For those of you who don't know what kimbap is, kimbap is Korean version of sushi. The difference is that kimbap comes with pickled radish and some people serve it with kimchi whereas for sushi, it is served with the infamous wasabi.

Other than that, I made Ramen Burger too!

I know this is not really healthy but I took a quarter of it only. Luckily my weight did not shoot up after eating that quarter! Hahahaha!

I will share my recipe with all of you maybe some time later.

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