Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Should I or should I not?

Before I started working, I always looked at other people who splurged on branded cosmetics in awe and thought to myself, "How can one work so hard and then, splurge by the time the salary is out? Shouldn't she save?"

I always tried to search for drugstore dupes and gems because I believed there are good products in our local drugstores that would work exactly like those products from higher ends.

In a way, it is true because, I am still using some of drugstore gems!

After I have been thrown into the working world and working my arse off every single month only to see my salary, I do have a different though - yes, I need to save but shouldn't I just reward myself a little for working hard?

The answer is YES, I should reward myself a little every single month!

Yay, thumbs up for a stable job that pays well :)

Yay, again!

However, even if I want to splurge a little, in a small town like where I am from and staying for the time being, there are hardly any high end brands available, be it clothing, skin care, bags, cosmetics, foodstuff or any others. It is kind of devastating sometimes especially if I am trying to get something that there is none available because according to the people, "There is no demand."

Like, seriously?!

I could get agitated just like so - easily =.="

Anyhow, I figured out, I could pick up certain things from overseas via pre-order or even when I visit other countries - NARS, YSL, here I come!


Okay, time to get down to business.

I have already get my check-list prepared this time around for my upcoming travel mission :)

NARS Blush - yay, Imma gonna get you!

Finally, I thought to myself, I can try out these babies!

I have heard about countless positive feedbacks about NARS Blushes but yet to set my hands on them because they are not available in Malaysia yet. For something as expensive as NARS, I would prefer to try out the texture of the blushes before splurging on them.

Another NARS product that I am excited to get is NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.

I have been eyeing this foundation for quite some time.

Even though I am not into foundation with sheer coverage, I still find myself wanting to try out NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.

Let's talk about REAL splurge!

I guess I can reward myself a little with YSL Rouge Volupte Radiant Lipstick SPF15 in Lingerie Pink.

Pre-ordering takes 14 days and costs about RM140 per lipstick but I don't think I am going to spend that RM140 on something that I don't know will fit my skin tone or not. I'd rather try them over the counter before purchasing them.

Other than these two brands, I have yet to feel the urge to splurge. I guess I will feel so when the right time comes. Perhaps, after this, instead of splurging on make-up, I would need to splurge on some really good skincare products.

It's called working against the clock!

Happy Wednesday, ya'll!

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