Wednesday, June 5, 2013

10 personal haircare practices

I have always thought of getting a short hairstyle but I always backed out at the very last minute because I just couldn't make up my mind. The reason is quite simple - I had my hair cut real short last time and a few days later, I regretted my decision because my face looked so round... at least that was what I thought at that time.

Then, when I got to know about asymmetrical bob-cut, I was so tempted.

I tried getting several feedbacks from the professionals and people around me. Most of the comments that I had gotten were - the haircut will emphasize your round face, the haircut is not professional as an academician, the haircut will be messy if you do not straighten your hair every hair wash, bla bla bla, yada yada yada.

In the end, I made up my mind to keep my hair long - as long as it could be.

So, I kept my hair for 3 long years without chopping any length off until last January - I finally gave it and chopped 2 inches off my hair but then, I think my hair's metabolism is quite high because within 4 months, I got back the initial length now, my hair is almost touching my butt. LOLX! Hahahaha...

Anyway, we shall discuss about haircare to keep your tress shiny and healthy - or at least to make it look shiny and healthy.

~ No filler or photoshop or anything ~

I always get a lot of questions about my long hair from my friends or even strangers that I meet. I don't know why but some of the people that I know just love stroking through my long hair and get amused with the length and also straightness of it - straightness? Does it make sense to you?

Anyway, I hope you get what I mean.

I was born with naturally straight and smooth hair and of course, I thank God for it.

My hair wasn't always straight in the past because it was kinda peer pressure thingy that got me to perm and straighten my hair despite its original condition. Shortly after, I had some highlights and guess what - it burnt my hair like mad. After that, I completely gave up perming my hair and told myself I wouldn't even consider on straightening or perming my hair.

As far as colouring goes, yes, occasionally, I do colour my hair and still able to maintain the shine from time to time because I believe each of us have our good and bad hair days!

Let's look at my do's and don't's when it comes to keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

1. Air-dry your hair

Yes, I do realize if you blow-dry your hair, your tresses will be easy managed but do you realize if you do that too often, you're gonna damage your hair? The heat from the blow-dryer will dry up your hair's natural layer of moisture!

2. Straightening or curling your hair

You can't escape the desire to get that nice curls or straight hair - what will happen to your hair if you were to do it on everyday basis? Our hair needs rest as well - you can straighten or curl your hair but do remember moderation is the key. Personally, I only curl my hair if there is occasion or if I feel like so. I guess that only happens once in a blue moon. I haven't been curling my hair for 3 months already! If you do use any heat instrument, please use heat protectant.

3. Rigorous towelling

Your wet hair needs to be dried so you rigorously dry your hair using your towel - lemme tell you, you are going to break your hair if you do so! I used to do that and my hair just wouldn't grow anywhere past my shoulder. When I changed the way how I towel my hair, miraculously, I found out my hair doesn't break so easily!

4. Use conditioner and treatment

I used to ditched these two crucial steps. No wonder my hair was so dry in the past! When my daily regime changed and I started using conditioner on daily basis, I noticed my hair had become smoother. After conditioner, I would use treatment once every week - the condition of my hair improved! I would say using conditioner and treatment is not a myth so girls, do use them!

5. Use wide-toothed comb

Contrary to brushing your hair while it is still wet is bad for the hair, my habit is always to comb even when my hair is wet. I hate tangled hair after shower because my long hair takes about 1 to 2 hours to be completely air-dried. So, to aid the drying process, I would comb through my hair using a wide-toothed comb. However, if you have decided to comb your wet hair, always remember to do it gently.

6. Use hair serum or cream

Serum or cream acts as a layer of protection for your hair especially if you are exposed to the sunlight. Furthermore, serums will provide more nutritions to your hair.

7. Tying up your hair

Yes, it will be a polished look but it'll leave dent to your hair if you tie your hair up too tightly or too often. Sometimes, your hair desires to be let down as well so, please do so.

8. Brushing your hair frequently

Thou should never brush your hair too often. There is no evidence or proof that hair-brushing or combing will boost hair growth. Nah, don't ever trust that. If you were to brush your hair too often, you are prone to hurting your scalp and also breaking your hair, especially if you have hair as long as mine.

9. Haircut will boost hair-growth 

If you plan to grow your hair, you should never, ever, ever cut your hair. Lemme tell you from my own experience - your hair will never grow longer with haircuts. Let's do it the easy way - if you keep on cutting your hair as soon as it grows longer, try imagine how long will it take for your hair to reach your butt? Get me? Long hair means no haircut! However, you can get the split ends to be trimmed once every 2 months or so.

10. Slapping on too many products

Always remember - less is more!

Okay, those are the 10 do's and don't's that I have been practising for the past 3 years when I was growing my hair. I am so glad I stick to it and my hair's condition - quite healthy despite some of the split ends that I have. I would get it trimmed soon - perhaps one inch off. LOLX!

What are you haircare secrets?

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