Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

I have always been MAC and Sigma brushes user and honestly, although Sigma's brushes are comparable to MAC's, still I think MAC's brushes are the best! However, the downside of it - the price. I think depending on the use of the brush, the price may reach more than RM100 for one brush.

When I got to know Samantha Chapman from pixiwoo has released her line of brushes, I quickly took my chance and ordered 2 sets of Travel Essentials brushes - one set for myself and another for stupid sister. Both of us couldn't stand looking at the colourful brush handles. They are just so beautiful!

On top of that, I finally ordered my Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder too! If you don't know yet, Kim Kardashian's make-up artist made the powder popular. I couldn't wait to set my hands on the powder! I shall rant about the Banana Luxury Powder next time.

I felt so grateful that the blogshop owner sent a pack of Basil Mint Pu-Erh tea for me. I mean, who doesn't love freebies? I love everything that comes with mint! I couldn't feel more loved!

Anyway, the brushes came in a perfect condition!

Even the outer plastic packaging looks so nice - sleek and neat.

I couldn't stop admiring the packaging with the brushes inside for a few minutes. I felt bad that I had to unbox it in order to get the brushes out.

One thing I like about the packaging - look at the brush holder! It's black, sleek and posh. I guess Samantha Chapman really did spend some time figuring how she could make the brush holder unique and multipurpose. You see... once you get the brushes out of the plastic packaging, you'll notice a small note attached to the brush holder.

Don't understand?

No problem, lemme show you!

First way to store your brushes - open and close the brush holder like what you are seeing in the picture below. That's the typical open-close method.

Second way to store your brushes as proposed by the little note attached to the holder is to leave the brushes to stand - like this!

Isn't it amazing?

You don't even need to buy an extra case to store your brushes!

Now, let's fast forward into taking out the brushes from the brush stand.

Aren't they beautiful?

One thing I totally admire is how the handles of the brushes is shaped. They are made of something aluminium-like material with the details printed on them.

I find myself reaching out for these brushes more often than my MAC's or Sigma's.

Please don't get me wrong - I still love my MAC and Sigma brushes, it' just that I find out I really enjoy using these brushes.

If you're inquiring about the bristles - they are really very soft and just like the printed label has said it all - high definition result! I can vouch for that!

Among three of the brushes in the Travel Essentials, I love the Multitask Brush the most. It's the brush with pink handle if you don't know.

I love how the brush can pick up great amount of powder and buff it in without much problem.

Another fact about the bristles - since it is white, make-up residues can be spotted easily hence, you won't miss out washing the brushes once they get dirty.

So, how can you not love the brushes, right?

The second most favourite brush in the set is the Blending Brush, which is the brush with purple handle. Initially, I thought I would be disappointed because I was not expected much due to the large bristles. Asians' eyes tend to be smaller and our creases are not really obvious hence, I always have troubles trying to blend my eyeshadows. This brush is like magic, I tell you!

No matter how great the two brushes are, still, I do have a complain - the foundation brush is too small and it takes longer time to apply foundation using the brush!

Instead of tossing the brush, I am using it to contour my face. That's the beauty of make-up - everything is freestyle. You can even use a blush brush to apply your foundation if you like it and nobody is going to penalize you for it.

So now, let's summarize today's review!

  • Beautiful packaging and brushes

  • Multipurpose and blending brushes work wonderfully well

  • Gives HD finish to the make-up application

  • White tip on the bristle makes it easy to spot a dirty brush

  • Cons:
  • Not available locally

  • Foundation brush is too small

  • I think I've found a more affordable substitute to MAC and Sigma brushes. I will be buying more of Real Technique brushes soon.

    You all have to try out the brushes - I really would recommend them!

    I bought mine from Retail Paradise. You can click on the link to get there if you are interested.

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