Monday, May 6, 2013

Dirtiest political tactics

I just want you all to be really clear about what I am going to blog. I don't intend to condemn anyone via my entry nor do I have the rights to do so. I am sorry if you are the supporter of Barisan Nasional (BN), the ruling party in Malaysia.

I am not stating that I love Pakatan Rakyat (PKR) or any related parties but I am stating this because I want to believe Malaysia is a better place for all our future generation.

I know there are some people who think, "What makes you think PKR can be better than BN?"

My answer is, "The rakyat has sacrificed 55 years for the development of our nation and I honestly think it is time to give other parties a chance to prove themselves!"

Please do not question my thoughts because everything that is going about in my mind is still messy. I was so freaking shocked from this morning until now - like always, BN wins because there were several cases of blackouts during vote-counting process according to some people on the internet.

According to SPR Chairman, the blackouts were due to Malaysia celebrating Earth Hour.

Like, seriously?! Earth Hour during vote-count?! This situation happens every time when there is election!

How dumb does EC think us Malaysians can get to trust the statement?! I think they must have thought we are pure idiots because we can easily get cheated with blackouts.

Sighs... I am utmost disappointed with what happened - 050513 - the day that democracy has officially died in Malaysia.

Update #1 - 6.5.2013

Chinese tsunami?

It is disheartening to see such a racist comment from our PM. I couldn't express how disappointed I am to hear such remark after all the racist issues I have faced while I was in the university.

1 Malaysia?

Think again - it certainly doesn't bring any significant meaning to me any longer.

Update #2 - 7.5.2013

I received a notification from Disqus last night and since I was too tired, I didn't bother to check it. So, I got online this morning and guess what I saw in my inbox - a sarcastic remark from a person called PapandaSerius Saurus.

Hello, PapandaSerius Saurus - thank you for your sarcasm - at least it cheered me up after all disappointments from the GE13.

Let me make a few things clear for you.

1. If you do not like reading what I have blogged about, you are most welcome to leave. Everyone has different opinions and we are free to voice out what we feel so long we do not cross the border. I did not say I hate any political parties - re-read my entry again before you try to condemn me. This entry is purely stating what I feel and MY disappointment. Clearly, it is not your disappointment.

2. Do not make assumption if you do not know the person behind this blog. When you, PapandaSerius Saurus made the assumption that I am obviously new to the internet, think again! If I were new to the internet, you may even be internet-ically declined because it has already been more than 10 years we have internet and you're mentioning I am new to the internet? Perhaps, you are the one who is new to the whole internet paradoy thingy. I know what I've seen and yes, you don't need to remind me. 

3. Having people coming to my blog and laugh at what I have blogged? Well, let them laugh, I don't really mind. After all, each and everyone of us is different and we have our own personalities. I can take sarcasms because I was born in such environment where people critics and I earn. Thank you for pointing that out.

4. Parody account? Go back to point #1 and #3 - read until you get what I mean. Thank you.

5. Thank you for welcoming me to the internet - perhaps you would like to welcome me with a bouquet of flowers or even roses.

6. I could clearly see your judgement is bias and this is not a place for you to voice out your anger towards which-soever party.

7. Need attention? I am sure there are other more prominent blogs around for you to voice your dissatisfaction and your need to get attention. Thank you again for dropping by.

Another fact to remember, people - I welcome everyone to give comments but if your comment is one-sided, bias and it goes to the point I am unable accept it, I have every right to delete or disapprove it. You may go on and on regarding I am a bitch for setting such ground rule for my blog but yeah, face it - this is my blog and if you need a blog to condemn me - do it in your own blog and in your own way.

Have a wonderful week, people!

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