Wednesday, April 17, 2013

VOV Light Lasting Foundation

If I have choices, usually I wouldn't even think of purchasing Korean make-up because first, I am not a shimmer-shimmer person and secondly, I don't think there are a lot of shades available especially for foundations.

I guess Koreans are well-known for one-shade-fits-all.

I was introduced to VOV Light Lasting Foundation last year when I was with VOV.

The foundation is packaged in a very posh glass bottle which attracted me. Plus, having Son Ye-jin as the ambassador is VOV's marketing tactic because she is beautiful.

The foundation itself comes in 2 shades only.

21 Light Beige and 23 Natural Beige.

Mine is 23 Natural Beige. Just for your information, I am a MAC NC30 so, if you are about the same shade as me, I guess 23 would be just nice for you before 21 comes with a pink undertone whereas 23 has yellow undertone.

Other than the foundation, VOV released Light Lasting Primer as well.

I am not gonna review the primer because I did not purchase it. I was not sure I would like it due to the watery texture, hence, I passed.

The whole idea behind this foundation is to create a dewy finish, just like the Korean superstars who have glowy complexions.

VOV claims that this is one of their best foundations because it does whatever a BB cream does. Perhaps, more than a BB cream? It claims whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. It also said on the packaging that it promotes brightening as well as sun protection.

Yes, for the sun protection part because it comes with SPF31 PA++.

I have to admit, one thing that I simply adore about this foundation is the packaging. It makes me go weak on the knees when I first saw it!

The packaging comes in posh gold box and when you take out the foundation bottle, it is shimmery gold too! Best of all, for those who don't like plastic bottle, good news - this foundation comes in a very solid glass bottle. Even the design on the cap is beautiful!

It contains 45ml of product.

The bottle comes with a pump in which, it is said that one pump is enough for the whole face.

True to it's claim, one pump is indeed enough if you are going for a natural look. If you are thinking of concealing your pimples, acnes or scars with just one layer, then, this might not be the foundation you are looking for. With two pumps, it can cover some of the not-so-serious scars.

I would say the coverage is sheer to medium.

The foundation has quite a liquidy texture but not to the extent of flowing everywhere.

Working with this foundation is really a piece of cake due to its texture. It dries up once you are done applying and voila, the finish is really nice, dewy skin.

The best part of this foundation - once it's dry, it's set and it won't transfer or budge!

Yes, it won't transfer or budge unless you wipe it with a tissue or things like that. I didn't know about this until the other day, I was wondering, most of the times when I am wearing foundation or BB cream, the foundation or BB cream will transfer onto the screen of my mobile whenever I answer it.

I was thinking to myself, "This is magic!"

Yes, magic! I did not set this foundation with any powder at all and once it did not get transferred to my mobile at all even though I was answering calls for the whole day!

Another fact that I love about this foundation that it is very waterproof! Look at the picture below!

The droplet of water stayed there without even sliding around!

So, if you are those girls who are always running around outdoors, this is definitely something you can consider because even if you are sweating, it won't slide off your face!

Why would I say that?

I put my hand under a running tap water for a few minutes and look!

The foundation is still there!

Good point, right?

Okay, let's look at how it fares on me, shall we?

In the picture, I was wearing just one layer of the foundation and since I do not have any obscene scars, pimples or acnes, the foundation does give a wonderful coverage. I do see the brightening and whitening effects every time I use it! However, I would say no to the anti-wrinkle claim because I don't think the foundation minimizes my wrinkles at all. No, it did not.

Despite having SPF in it, this foundation photographs beautifully without white cast. Amazing, right? Most of the times, foundations that come with high SPF often give terrible white cast but this one does not.

On the lasting power, it lasts on me for about 10 hours if I were in an air-conditioned room. If I were going out under the sun, it lasts about 5 to 6 hours before wearing off especially on the sides of my nose. That is without the application of powder to set it. I would predict it to last about 7 to 8 hours if you were to place powder over it and go out under the sun.

Oh, if you have dry skin, you might love this foundation but if you have oily combination skin like mine, you will enjoy this foundation too! A friend of mine who has very dry skin looks fabulous with this foundation. Even myself with combination skin, I like it too!

My skin does not oil up at all. It does not break me out too.

However, one thing that I guess would put certain of you off - the fragrance. It does come with a faint fragrance. I am unsure if it is flowery or summery or springy fragrance but it is there.

It retails at RM110 at The Sops Seoul, Publika.

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