Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Of so many misses...

Honestly, I am beginning to feel KL-sick.

Yes, I have been home for almost 3 weeks now and I still can't get used to the quiet lifestyle back here. No matter what I told myself, my mind keeps on going back to those good old days when I was still at KL.

I miss KL and everyone there so, so much!

I miss Sephora and those days I would go there just to check out certain products. Well... that includes those times when I was not even buying anything.

I miss my days out with girl friends at Forever 21...

Yes, Forever 21 is one of my favourite place to shop for clothes even though some of the items are overpriced. Nah, I'm not rich but it's just a preference.

I miss Padini Concept Store...

Just because you can get everything in one store - isn't that cool? Here at my hometown, we only have one mini Vincci and there's nothing to shout about.

Most important of all, I miss La Senza!

Gone are those days where you can only buy Triumph, Wacoal, Xixili and such brands. Lingerie can be sexier and much more interesting with La Senza... Looks like my lingerie collection is gonna shrunk real soon!

I miss KL!

One thing that I really do feel weird about - I actually do miss going to the university.

As much as I dislike UM, still, I miss going to that place!

Ah, KL, how I miss you so!

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