Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's my birthday today!


I've officially turned 2X today and yeah, don't even mention about getting older because I'm unwilling to accept the reality as of now. LOLX!

Okay, I won't be discussing about what I'll be doing for my birthday or such but I'd like to just ramble a bit because the birthday girl gets to ramble on her birthday, like always! Hahahaha...

Honestly, I don't intend to blog about this but the whole issue bothers me a little and worse still, I have no one to turn to - I am pretty much alone because most of my friends are either married, moved overseas or they have been transferred to all over Malaysia. Furthermore, some of them are out of the countries for eternity... yeah... I guess my life does sucks sometimes...

*humming Lonely by Akon

I do believe I have my family to share my issues with but at this point, stupid sister is still at KL, undergoing training and she'll only be back next week whereas, hey... how many of us would want to tell our parents every single thing or detail of what we are going through?


I was whatsapp-ing Clement few days ago when our attention was diverted to Sam. His brother just got married few months ago to Clement's cousin.

It was kind of disturbing why we would want to discuss about Sam because I chose to walk away from his indecisiveness once and for all. I am glad I made up my mind because Clement told me he got engaged to the psychotic girlfriend of his who threatens she would end her life if Sam leaves her. Well, at least, the psychotic girlfriend won't commit suicide this time, right? It feels as if I've done something good.

Clement was being idiotic by saying, "I don't think their relationship would last. I don't think Sam's mind is occupied with the thoughts of her. Besides, I think psycho girlfriends are usually hot."

I was speechless for a bit and told Clement, "I am way hotter!"

Stupid Clement actually replied me by saying, "Right, bigger boobs."

I swear, if he was sitting next to me, I'd have punched him!

Truthfully, yes, I am a little disturbed because Sam was the one who told me he would never move to KL for his psychotic girlfriend but in the end, according to Clement, he moved into his girlfriend's place in KL. I was quite disappointed with how Sam chose to lead his life but I guess I am no one to even comment about how he is supposed to lead his life.

I told BFF about it and she was so shocked with Sam's decision. We respected Sam since our high school years and BFF has always wanted Sam and I to end up together but like always, you can't beat destiny. Sam and I are not meant to be.

Sighs... looks like I need to divert my attention to another thing for a while now...

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