Saturday, April 13, 2013

Much awaited day of the year

So, it is official - I am a year older.

I hope I am a year wiser. Errr... I guess that is a pretty subjective statement, right?

I was half hoping this year's birthday to be a total disaster because most of my close friends are halfway around the world while few who are still around, they were so busy with their work and daily activities. I remember having to pester JT to bring me out for a birthday dinner a week before the day itself.

Yeah, I kinda pester JT for almost everything because he is my BBF.

On another occasion, I did not expect Jane and Belle to show up but I am so glad that they did. Jane rushed all the way back from Kuching after a meeting and a week earlier, she actually ordered a birthday cake for me!

It was a Mango Cake!

Belle, on the other hand, who was so busy traveling back and fro from work and home, made a time to celebrate my birthday with me too! I got an angpau from her as a present! Talking about friends who give angpaus, huh? Hahahaha...

It ended up, I have JT, Jane and Belle to celebrate my birthday with me even though MT, LI and Amy are not around on the day itself. Yeah, you three - you owe me a birthday cake!

I haven't been really celebrating my birthday for the past 8 years I was away from home. Most of the times, it was just a simple dinner with few close friends because as we get older, our commitments grow. Hence, there are hardly time for friends to be able to celebrate birthdays together.

We went over to Garden Hotel for a feast and we were so stuffed!

Food was quite okay and since I was the birthday girl, it was their treat!

Other than that, we managed to do a lot of catch-ups and somehow, all of us realized we have been missing a lot of things in the absence of each other. I guess that is how life will be once you start working and new responsibilities pour in.

I'm thankful that these friends are still around.

On the other hand, I am thankful for a team very supportive, friendly and nice new colleagues as well as the Dean of the faculty. If you are wondering, yes, I ended up going back to teach but the only difference is that I don't deal with primary or high school kids.

Though there are not many of us in the faculty, I am glad they are there and best of all, we are just like family!

They bought the April babies an Orange Cake!

One of my colleagues' birthday is a day earlier than mine, hence, we celebrate our birthdays together in the faculty together with our Dean.

I do realize I look like a nerd these days but I guess that is what an educator should look like, right? Perhaps in days to come, I'll be wearing super thick glasses as the result of reading and preparing lessons for the longest time!

Anyway, it's a Saturday today so, I'm gonna sit back and relax a bit before Monday comes again.

Happy weekend, people!

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