Monday, April 15, 2013

ELF HD Blush is definitely going to make you blush!

Most of the time, I don't find myself splurging on HD make-ups because my working environment does not require me to even wear make-up unless I am helping the marketing team to meet our potential clients.

For those of you who are new to make-up, HD simply means better coverage and better colour without using a lot of products. Most of the HD cosmetics are made of finer particles and hence the camera won't be able to catch it on pictures - which is really great if you're attending events.

Anyway, when I first came across Make-Up Forever counter about a year ago, the first thing that struck my interest - Make-Up Forever HD Blush!

I was so tempted to purchase one of them but I guess my conscience got hold of me because I had so many unused blushes in my possession. I let it pass.

A year later, when I was checking out some products at Sephora, I got a good look at the HD blushes and managed to try out all of them!

Again, I was so tempted to buy it but I held on to my conscience of not wanting to buy any because it was a little pricey at about RM80. When I checked back on the price tag at Sephora last March, I think the price has increased! Geez... Even the HD Foundation is priced at RM174 instead of RM169 now.

When I got to know that ELF has released similar blushes, I snapped at the chance and placed my orders immediately because I've read quite a number of pleasant reviews about them! Plus, the packaging and certain shades look quite similar to Make-Up Forever's.

Did I tell you not? Hahaha! Thank you, ELF for these blushes because I love them!

My ELF orders came about 2 months later and I was so, so excited to try out the blushes!

The boxes are nothing to shout about - just your typical paper boxes with the names of the shades printed on them. I purchased two different shades - Headliner and Superstar.

I guess ELF used the inspiration from Hollywood superstars for the names of the blushes.

As far as the packaging goes, it looks exactly like Make-Up Forever's HD Blush's. It's plastic but I don't think it looks cheap though. ELF could have done better with the fonts and graphics but with USD$3 each, what is there to complain, right?

I am so glad that the HD blushes come with pumps because I get irritated when the products don't come with squeeze-tubes or pumps.

True enough pumps are really friendly to work with but be extra careful because one pump can definitely be too much because these blushes are very, very pigmented that it's almost crazy to work with! Therefore, while you are pumping out the product, you can afford to be stingy :) a little does go a long, long way!

If you are using the product for the first time, be sure to shake it real well or else, you'll notice some oil being pumped out of the product.

Of course you can always opt to use the blush with your fingers but I wouldn't recommend so because if the blush stains your fingers, it'd be really difficult to remove! I would advise you to use your stippling or any blush brush for application. I am not sure if it is just me - although these blushes are quite creamy, they tend to dry very fast upon application hence, I always have to speed up the application process.

All in all, I really like the two shades I have gotten because they are beautiful be it in the bottle or once you apply them on your cheeks! However, I have to try to warn you, these blushes tend to be quite difficult to blend because once the brush with the product touches your cheek, the pigmentation will be gathered on the same spot. You would really need a fast hand to work with these blushes! Once blended out, they look very natural!

If I were to describe each of the shade, I would say Headliner is a cool pink while Superstar is a coral colour. I am not sure what kind of finish they have because they look glossy on the back of my hand but matte on my cheeks.

One thing that really intrigue me is these blushes are quite waterproof when I tested them on the back of my hand. Even after 5 hours and taking a warm shower, the colours can still be seen!

One weird thing that I do notice - the blushes do not last that long on my cheeks! I don't know why but whatever that is for USD$3, I have no complain.

In fact, I even thought about getting the rest of the 3 shades but I guess they'll be too dark for me!

Have you try out the ELF HD Blush?

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