Thursday, March 7, 2013

VOV Tulip Sponge

Those days when I wasn't really aware of the use of cosmetic brushes, my fingers did all the so-called magic from foundation to eyeshadows.

Gone are the days when fingers would do all the tricks because after brushes came into the big picture, I finally could achieve a better make-up result with suitable tools.

Little did I know I would have spent RM15 to get a sponge applicator that would work fine in applying primer, foundation, BB cream or any liquidy products. Lemme introduce to you, my new-found love - VOV Tulip Sponge.

I guess the only reason why it is called Tulip Sponge is because the sponge is shaped like a tulip flower. The sponge is also shaped to fit the curves on our faces for an easier application. Well, you can take a closer look at the curves in the picture below.

See... it does fit the curves on my face, right?

Best of all, this is really cosmetic grade sponge and it is very, very soft.

Which brings this to a whole new topic - application.

Application of foundation is really easy with this sponge and you don't even need to worry that the end result will turn out messy because you can just hold the sponge on the handle part.

I found out that applying foundation or BB cream with this sponge does give a quite flawless finish. Furthermore, application is really easy and blending is effortless too!

I really enjoy using the tulip sponge so much!

However, I do have one issue with the sponge - storing it. I don't really like the fragile plastic container it comes with because I accidentally spoiled mine by sitting on it. I really do hope VOV would package the sponge with a better container or something. Another issue is that after using the sponge, I don't like leaving it there, all exposed to bacteria so a better storing place would definitely answers my query.

I am not too sure about Beauty Blender because as far as I know, even though I really do wanna splurge on Beauty Blender, moo-lah is the factor I would consider and then again, I don't really like going through the hassles of having to wait for shipments. If Beauty Blender ever comes to Malaysia, I guess I will be trying it out.

If you are interested, you can always drop by The Sops Seoul outlets at Publika, Midvalley, Fahrenheit 88 or Beauty Premium @ KL Festival City Mall to get it.

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