Sunday, February 3, 2013

My mask collection

Okay, let's just say when it comes to skin care, I am kinda lazy... Yeah, I know the fact that I am ageing but still, there is still this little tinge of laziness that stops me from giving my skin extra love. In the past, I used to use mask once every month or if I am not lazy, maybe twice a month or in the worst case, well... I totally don't use masks at all for 2 to 3 months. That's my level of laziness for your information.

Ever since I started working in an environment where I was exposed to the beauty of skin care, I have incorporated the use of facial masks into my daily skin care regime.

The whole mask thingy is quite addictive actually.

I know there are people who go like, "You shouldn't use mask everyday because it will strain your skin with too much nourishment and causes breakouts."

Honestly, I have yet to experience breakouts from using facial masks everyday for the past one month. Therefore, my answer to the above statement is, "It depends on your skin and also if you can afford using mask everyday. If you can afford, why not?"

I don't mean to show off but... my mask collection is kinda scary...

There you go... part of the facial masks that I own. Did I tell you not that it is addictive?

I was over the moon the other day when I got a package from Jo and guess what? More masks!

OMG... I am so in love with my girl friend - best girl friend ever, ever, ever, throughout the whole universe!

Lemme share with you some of the masks that I love!

I don't mean to be expert but this is purely based on my preference since I have tried out a lot of facial masks from different brands out there and well... just like any typical person, I have my hits and misses.

When it comes to masks, I always prefer Korean masks over Taiwanese masks - I don't know why. I used to like My Beauty Diary so much but ever since I tried out Korean masks, I've been hooked... let's cross our fingers and hope it is not for life. LOLX!

One of the biggest manufacturers of facial masks in Korea, iM1NE is here to stay. Hopefully they would be able to find sole distributor within Malaysia and then on, these masks would be available easily.

I couldn't stress enough how wonderful these masks are.

No, I am not paid to write about this although the masks are gifts from my ex-boss. The whole set for a month usage costs about RM40. Well, worth it, right?

If you're wondering why there are small letter printed on the top right side of the packaging - these masks are known as the step-by-step masks.

What you do is - just follow the steps printed on the packaging. These masks promise a more radiant complexion with healthy glow in 15 days but I would say, it depends on your skin.

I really love the texture of the masks!

My next favourite would be the VOV Daily Clinis masks.

It has four functions in one - the retail price for each piece is RM9. I know it's quite expensive but believe me, there are more expensive masks out there!

Next in line is one of the Taiwanese masks. No, it's not from My Beauty Diary but it is from Annie's Way.

It is the Annie's Way Anti Allergy masks in pink packaging - these masks are awesome! The quality is better than My Beauty Diary and best of all, it retails for RM5 to RM7 depending on the functions of the masks.

Vanedo Masks are from Korea and I do like it but not as much as the others.

Where to get these masks - Mask Slim outlets at SS2, Sg. Wang, Times Square, Sunway Pyramid and well... I think they have other outlets elsewhere.

If you are familiar with VOV, do get your hands on these VOV Daily Fresh Masks!

One of the best masks available in the market! The masks actually cover the eye area too so, you're basically killing two birds with one stone. The retail price - RM7.70 per piece. They have more than 10 types for you to choose from. Even the packaging is so pretty and fancy!

Where to get these masks? Easy - go to The Sops Seoul outlets that are located in Publika, Carrefour Midvalley, Stardust Studio Fahrenheit and Lovely Korea Beauty Premium KL Festival City.

Okay, now, it's time for one of the expensive masks - SKII!

This mask retails for RM50 per piece at SKII counters and at Sephora, Malaysia.

I'm not sure how this mask fares because I have yet to use it - I wanna save it for special day or occasion so, I'll just leave it aside first. No, Chinese New Year is no special occasion  hence I am not gonna waste this expensive mask.

Alright, I think that is all for now.

Do share the stories of your favourite masks!

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