Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 going into 2013

I am sorry for the long MIA. Yeah, work has been getting onto me like mad. Okay, first thing first... OMG... I can't believe 2012 is gonna end real soon, yeah... in a few more days and hello, 2013 - I hope you'll be a terrific year for each and everyone of us!

Since I am feeling a little nostalgic lately, I'll just do a simple recap of what I have done throughout 2012. Let's start with January 2012.

January 2012
Life was pretty much insane - I was rushing in and out of UM to meet my academic supervisor during the weekdays and over the weekends, usually, those were the only times that I could spend with my siblings.

February 2012
Again, hectic life because of my thesis! My routine in February was pretty much the same as in January.

March 2012
OMG... my life was totally boring - thesis, thesis, thesis, thesis, thesis!

April 2012
As usual, I was so stuck with my thesis that I almost went mad!

May 2012
I went to Singapore the second time just because I wanted to reward myself for completing my thesis.

June 2012
Started job-hunting but my efforts were quite futile despite the fact that I went to several interviews already. Then, I decided to leave KL for good.

July 2012
I got back to my hometown, thinking I would settle down for good, instead, my house was broken into the day I got home. Those fucking robbers took my everything... I was left devastated but it was that time again, I got to know Ryan.

August 2012
Nothing really special happened just because I am forever a boring person.

September 2012
I came back to KL for my convocation and once I set my feet here again, I knew I wanted to stay on in KL.

October 2012
This was the most memorable month in 2012 because this marked the day of my graduation and that I would be leaving UM once and for all. I couldn't be happier. At the same time, I started working - I got so busy that I had no time to update my blog at all. I am thankful to meet a really good and caring friend, Patrick even though he loves to tease and makes fun of me.

Yeah, that is us, in the picture above, spending our Christmas at Church of Saint Francis Xavier.

Besides that, Ryan and I have been spending time together since I got to KL and I was thankful that he has been there.

November 2012
I got to know Tiffany - one of my best sisters! 

I love her to bits - despite knowing her for about 2 months, we are pretty much like real sisters. I am thankful to God for sending this friend to me especially in the time of need!

Also, Ryan and I got together officially.

December 2012
This has to be the most terrible month every because I was sent back to HQ and FML, even at the point of writing this entry, my mind is about work! Yes, I am very stressed!

Furthermore, all of a sudden, just 2 months into the relationship with Ryan, I just don't feel like walking down this path. He has changed so much that I barely know him now. Sighs... shall talk about that in another entry.

Okay, those are all for my monthly flashbacks in 2012.

What have you went through in 2012?

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