Friday, October 12, 2012

Milestone and message to hater-s

Yes, finally, my blog has reached a milestone and guess what?

I have received my first ever negative comments or should I put it as hater, instead?

He or she put himself or herself under anonymous instead of his or her real name.

So, may I present to you a comment from this anonymous...

I chuckled when I saw it.

No, I don't feel sad, unhappy or even negative honestly because it marks my blog's milestone that I finally have one hater, at the time being, when I am blogging about it.

Lemme just make things clear - yeah, I bitch way too much and I could be a real bitch in real life but who cares if I were bitchy or not, right?


First of all, if you think I am a bitch or I bitch way too much or I am purely being punky and spoiled, why the hell are you even here and read my entry?

Did you see the red X button on your the upper right side on your screen if you're using windows and upper left if you're on Macbook? For Christ sake, just click and leave - nobody is forcing you to read my bitchy entries, right?

Unless you are a bitch yourself and love bitching about others, that could be one of the reasons why you are a coward, anonymous.

Well, it doesn't matter.

Haters are gonna hate anyway, so, why bother, right?

Lemme just get my message across.

#1 - hate me, leave me!

#2 - me being too bitchy, goodbye and don't bother reading!

#3 - if you wanna comment, don't be a coward!

#4 - this is not a place for you to spread your hates and negativity!

Whatever it is, well... if you don't feel like reading, go elsewhere because this is MY BLOG and I can blog about ANYTHING I want on MY BLOG. I am not shoving my entries into your face and down your throat asking you to read them unless, you're digesting them on your own!

I am free to write about how I feel as long as I do not pin-point directly to the person I am discussing about. Even if I do, it is none of your concern because I never show you the faces of the people I have discussed about in my entries unless I am trying to warn you about someone dangerous or liar so, why bother?

Furthermore, I never claim to be a professional because in MY BLOG, I am only sharing what I feel and not demanding you to trust me. You are your own judge, so why bother about my opinions?

Too free? Get a life!

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