Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second chance

Note - if you don't reading whatever I like or if you think I bitch way too much,, scram because this is my blog and why do I have to care whether you like what I blog about or not, right?

Let's talk about second chance today.

How often do you hear things like someone deserving second chances?

Have you ever wondered if second chance does exist?

I know I have wondered about it, in fact, all the times. I am not sounding negative but I am just saying or thinking so because of what I went through. I am aware of the fact that people does change over time but the thing is, for all those dramas that I have experience, I can't seem to digest the fact there are second chances because personally, I never had had second chances before.

If you are thinking this is bad and my life is terrible, let me assure you, I might never had second chances before but I certainly do not think my life is at all terrible.

For sure, there are a lot of bumps in my life and I complain about them from time to time, wishing I could have second chances to redo whatever I have missed but somehow, there are times when I am thankful for what I have.

I do have my regrets and that includes the worst mistake in my life which took place 9 years ago. I told God, if I really have a second chance to make it up, I would do whatever it takes to give both of us an answer but somehow or rather, I think in this case, I will never have a second chance.

Whenever I see a picture of someone who resembles him, it breaks my heart - thoroughly.

I wasn't a good friend. I took his presence for granted and thought it was his privilege to be around me.

Indeed, it is true that when you have someone or something in your life, you always take it or him or her for granted but when that thing or person is no longer around you, that is the moment you realize it is too late to even turn back the time to appreciate those moments.

I am not saying there are no second chances. So, if you do have second chances to make it up to any of your friends or family for what you have missed, do appreciate those chances.

"Second chances are hard to come by. Make it count," Jeremy from Away We Happened.

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