Sunday, September 2, 2012

Something totally random

I get a little annoyed lately.

Since this lappie is new, I can't edit much pictures because I don't have any softwares available for installation. It is disastrous because I can't even upload a vertical picture properly!


Can you actually hear me roaring?

There are so many things I wanna share through pictures but too bad, I can't upload any right now. My life is a bitch right now.

However, I shall not fret over it because in no time, I am gonna return to KL and yes, that is when my life will begin again! Ho-ho-ho, Merry Early Christmas, Angel! Hahahaha!

On another note, I'm feeling so much better after dumping the thought of Sam behind. I mean, so what? If he cannot make up his mind for the longest time ever, do I have to wait for him for the longest time ever? I have been through a hell of 9 years waiting for him to just say those words and when 9 years finally passed, so many events have taken places in our lives.

Past is past - even if we dwell over it, it's useless. Might as well look forward to tomorrow because you can always make a difference tomorrow if you work hard today.

Imma gonna work hard, like literally. LOLX!

Anyway, I shall try to install certain softwares if I am not lazy tomorrow. Yeah, I know... work hard today for a better tomorrow but well... I'm still having my holidays!

Have a great week, people!

For those of you who are working tomorrow, Happy Monday, whereas for lazy bums like me, Happy Sleeping-in!

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