Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shiseido and the disco ball

I like parties, homecomings and also balls... if you get what I mean.

We don't actually have such events going on in Malaysian high schools or such. I was only aware of such things as parties, homecomings, balls and proms only when I was halfway through doing my degree. That was when I was only 21.

Imagine how ecstatic I was when I could join my university's prom night! I was expecting to see disco balls and I guess that was the only reason that made me anticipated for that day to come. LOLX!

Oh, sweet and tender 21!

I like diamonds and golds shiny stuffs so when something is packaged in such a way that it resembles a disco ball, I often get attracted.

So, when I walked by Shiseido's counter the other day, it was like immediately, I noticed a liquid foundation that resembles a disco ball - Shiseido MAQuillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation.

Phew... that is really a long name, Shiseido!

Let's take a glance at what Shiseido claims about this foundation...

  • Serum foundation with Pure White Essence E* to nourish your skin
  • Covers pores and dullness 
  • Light-diffusing effects for a radiant finish
  • Conditions your bare skin that so it remains supple and hydrated

I am not gonna boast but I do like the packaging of this liquid foundation. It looks extra fancy and high-class because the bottle is made out of glass whereas the the pump comes in plastic form. I like the fact that the pump makes it easy to control how much product your are going to pump out of the glass bottle itself. You may go all the way to pump out more product or if you do not need so much of it, you may just give a light pump and few dollops of foundation will emerge!

It's a good packaging!

The foundation comes with a free sponge for application.

You see... I really like the packaging from the foundation to the sponge. They made effort to store the sponge in a plastic compartment for hygiene purposes. If you don't know yet, once you take the sponge out of the compartment, you will notice there are two sides - white and pink.

According to the BC at Shiseido, the white side is used to apply the foundation onto your face while the pink side is used to blend out the foundation for a more even look.

I am not quite sure because I did not use the sponge at all. I managed to get myself a really good foundation brush from Shiseido so, I used that brush to apply this foundation.

On the whole, I would say this foundation is not a full coverage foundation - I would say it is medium coverage, in which, if you want to fuller coverage, you may need to apply second or third layer. Most of the times, you'll find me liking foundations that offer full coverage but there are times when I just wanna stay, you know, natural and this foundation does it's job.

Oh, being a medium coverage foundation, it does a pretty good job in hiding my dark under eye circles if it is used as concealer.

Consider from this...

Yes, I know - very serious dark under eye circles, large pores, uneven skin tone, redness and yada, yada, yada... My apologies if I've make you puke.


Okay, from that... to this...

Your royal hotness!

Hahahaha... it's a self-proclaimed hotness actually.

Let's do a recap of what Shiseido claims this foundation can do...

  • Serum foundation with Pure White Essence E* to nourish your skin
    The texture of this foundation does feel a little bit like the serum I am using. It does not feel heavy or anything even though it is a medium coverage foundation. I guess serum is good?
  • Covers pores and dullness 
    Yes, with just one application, my imperfections as stated above are covered without primers! You can even double it up to act as concealer to conceal your redness!
  • Light-diffusing effects for a radiant finish
    Exactly! My complexion is a lot brighter and it's radiant every time I use this foundation!
  • Conditions your bare skin that so it remains supple and hydratedI am not really sure it does condition my bare skin or not but for those of you with oily combination skin, you don't have to worry because personally, it does not turn oily every time I use it. In fact, the feeling is like - second layer of skin.

I am happy that it meets all the company claims!

Thumbs up!!!

Shiseido also claims that this foundation can last up to 8 hours and well.. I have never worn my foundation for 8 hours straight but I did have this foundation on several times for up to 5 hours each time I use it.

It does last for that long without re-application.

It brightens up my complexion without the ghostly white cast. I told the BC that I wanted something without SPF since I don't want to be a disco ball under flash photography but as far as I was told, Shiseido doesn't have any liquid foundation without SPF. This one comes with SPF25 PA++

So, am I going to re-purchase this foundation?

Definitely a yes but I would like to try out other liquid foundations as well especially Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. I had it but it was stolen - damn upset and sad.

Anyway, before I end this entry - lemme show you another camwhore shot.

Have a great week, people!

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