Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A blush of new hope

Hey, you guys!

I hope everybody is doing great!

As of myself, I am doing really good and best part of my life - I am counting down to return to KL. Yay to trips to shopping malls because I need to re-purchase quite a number of stuffs since you know... my stuffs have long been gone.

Even though I've been wanting to get some stuffs really badly, I am fully aware that in Malaysia, some of the cosmetics that I used to possess are not easily available. Hence, I resorted to join sprees and pre-orders because there are several items I wanna get since a year or two ago.

I have been jumping up and down for the past few weeks because finally, my long awaited blush finally reached and yes, another thing in my wishlist is finally fulfilled! Yes, it's the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush from Tarte Cosmetics!

Due to the expensive price, I don't think I can afford to buy 2 or 3 of these babies as of now. However, after trying it out, I am pretty certain if I have the budget, I will go back and get more of them because they are my HG blush now but well... I won't discuss about how this blush fares now because well... accident happens and when it happens, it just happens.


During shipping, somehow or rather, my long awaited blush was damaged!


Imagine my horror when I opened up the parcel and lifted the protective sheet above the blush...

The broken blush got everywhere in the parcel and it was really bad. Seriously, I was a little angry because initially I was thinking on splurging to get two of the Amazonian Clay blushes and all of a sudden, I was thankful that I did not because one of my friend's blush was smashed as well! My friend was uber upset because her loss was more than me.

Hey, Airpak Malaysia, what did you guys do with our parcel?! Did you take it for a walk at the park with you?

I thought hard - there have to be a way to use this baby because at the price of USD$25 minus shipping, this baby is too expensive to let go. I love the packaging too, hence, Imma not gonna throw it away. I want the blush to remain in the packaging!

I went through several how-to's in Youtube and Google on how to repair a broken blush but in the end I resorted to none because most of the how-to's needed mixing alcohol and seriously, I don't know where to even get it in a small hometown like mine. It was bad already because I have had ZERO experience in repairing any broken eyeshadows or blushes or bronzers or anything at all. Most of my stuffs came to me in perfect conditions and never before, damaged.

What's more - with TM's sucky service at home, where I get disconnected like 10 or more times a day, I couldn't even find any solutions to repair the blush without mixing alcohol. I was devastated - imagine splurging on more than RM100 on ONE blush and it gets to you looking like my blush.

"When there is a will, there is a way."

Geddit, gedddddiiit?

I talked to stupid sister about it and she suggested using a heavy object to weigh down the powder so that they will stick together. In the first place, I was skeptical because I thought to myself, "Duh, she's bragging again and it's not gonna work because the damage was really, really bad!"

In the end, I proved myself guilty of doubting my stupid sister.

I know, my sister and I might not be the first ones to do this but still, I'm gonna share my experience of repairing a blush with you all so that, it'll become a blush of new hope!

Honestly, it is as easy as ABC and well... just follow the steps in the pictures below!

**Please take note - we are not claiming that we are professionals in repairing stuffs like these nor did we claim that every blush, bronzer or eyeshadow can be repaired this way. You'll have to find out on your own.

Oh, please put your broken blush on top of a piece of old newspaper or something so that your life will be easier when you wanna clean up the fall outs.

Step #1 - Find an object that can fit into the blush!

Do make sure that the object has certain weight so that it can weigh down the powder and make them stick together, else, you'll need to press it down real haaaard and looooong.

Oh, boy, I made it sound so wrong! LOLX!

Step #2 - Layer a piece of tissue on top of the blush!

Do not remove the protective layer that comes together with the blush. Just layer your tissue on top of it and put back the object of your choice. The reason for this step is to keep the fall outs minimal so that cleaning up will not be a hassle.

Once you are ready, let's move on!

Step #3 - Press, press, press!!!

I believe that the force used to press down the object can somehow can the broken powder blush stick together. Just because of so, I used more strength and kept pressing it down for a good 3 to 5 minutes so that the broken pieces may just come together.

If you have extra energy, why not make it a good 10 minutes? Hahaha... Stupid sister suggested me to just more heavy objects and leave the blush there for a day but I didn't want to.

Step #4 - First round of checking!

After 5 minutes or so, life the object, tissue and protective layer up from the bush and check if the powder has been repaired.

I was happy to see how the result turned out. Still, I wasn't quite satisfied so, I kept pressing down again for another few more minutes.

Step #5 - Cleaning up!

Get your cotton buds swabs, balls, pads or whatever ready for cleaning up! I brushed off the fall outs at the side of the pan with my eyeshadow brush and then, proceeded to wipe away the fall outs using a few cotton buds that have been soaked in my toner.

Cleaning up get a little messy due to the fall outs but it wasn't a hard core or anything. Remember? Before Step #1, I did mention to place your broken blush on a piece of old newspaper?

You can thank me now. LOLX!

Step #6 - Voila!

After pressing and cleaning up, the broken blush is finally in good condition!

I tried using it with my blush brush and thank God it doesn't come apart!

Step #7 - Tried and tested!

Lift the repaired blush and turn it upside down - see... no fall outs!

I was happy again!

Remember I told you about how worried I was because this blush was super expensive? Though it may not look pretty but it doesn't matter, at least I still get to use it!

Have you ever tried repairing any broken blush, foundation, eyeshadow or bronzer before? Do share your experience!

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