Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blooms like a flower

I often heard from the elders that a growing older up girl is just like a blooming flower. Hence, when she is blooming like a flower, her complexion will have this radiance that makes her glow. Well, that is supposed to be her prettiest moments ever.

As for myself, I don't think I had or have that radiance especially when I was growing up or erm... blooming. Hahaha... Whatever it is, since I didn't and don't have the natural glow in me, I have to depend on products to make my complexion glows so that I look healthier and of course, prettier.

Well... I came across this product from Lioele again that acts as make-up base or primer for your foundation. At the same time, Lioele claims that this is a skin care make-up base that keeps skin moist by maintaining the water balance through naturally moisturizing amino acid derivatives and other various moisturizing agents. It will transform skin tone from sordid to brilliant and gives definition to the face to make it lustrous and seem smaller.

When I picked this product up, I did not expect much too because all I could thought of was the fact that I needed a make-up base to make my foundation stay put longer without sliding or anything.

Sounds pretty typical, right?

Anyway, just in case you are wondering, this base has gone through face-lifting and it doesn't come in pump form any longer. If you are interested, the face-lifted make-up base comes in a tube form. The face-lifted version came in a prettier, pinker and more shimmery packaging. This is how the face-lifted version looks like...

Simply adorable, right?

I want one too but then again, no pump! Therefore, I am contented with the older packaging that comes with a pump for hygiene purposes. I am quite unsure if you can still can the older packaging though. Whatever it is, I heard the products work the same way.

They have it in 2 different shades - pink and yellow.

This is how the older version looks like...

Pink packaging as well but with a pump, which is like 100 times better than in tube form!

Okay, meme's over, let's come back to reality - Lioele won't be going back to the old packaging anytime soon so, we'll get stuck with this tube form for a while. Thank goodness mine is the older packaging, yes!

The pump is okay - plastic. For a round, big and fat face like mine, I need two dollops of the product to cover my whole face if I were to use as a make-up base.

One pumped out, the product looks a little pinkish and shimmery. Yes, I've gotten it in pink so, it explains why the product is shimmery pink. Initially, I thought I was gonna end up looking like a freaking disco ball because I hate products that shines and shimmers since I have oily combination skin.

Miraculously, as a make-up base, once blended, there is no shimmers or shines to my complexion. Once blended, you will notice a really nice pinkish glow - please refer to the picture above. It looks as if your complexion radiates healthy glow!

I like it!

The consistency is not oily or drying at all. It is alright so, I supposed everyone can use this thing as make-up base.

After experimenting with this product for a while, I realized it can double up as a highlighter as well! You can use it especially to highlight your cheekbones!

Personally, I prefer to mix this product with my Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream for that magical glow and voila, it works like magic! My BB cream stays a little bit longer and best of all, I can now bloom like a beautiful flower.

Okay, literally blooming! LOLX! Oh, I am not sponsored to talk all the nice things about this product nor am I being paid by Maybelline to pose in such a way. Hahaha.

It retails at RM59.90 for 30ml at Lioele Malaysia.

Re-purchase? Maybe! One bottle of this will last me for a while, I guess.

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