Monday, September 24, 2012

Lioele Crystal Muse Eyeshadow

I think I have been indulging in quite a number of Korean make-up products lately despite not being a big fan of shimmery or glittery eyeshadows and stuffs like that. Well, that's for another story.

During the Lioele sales and promotion period, I managed to pick up one of the Crystal Muse Eyehadow in Mint Aqua for only RM19.90 - not more, not less. I think the original retail price is RM29.90 each.

Packaged in a square shiny pink box, it is difficult not to spot these line of eyeshadows! I mean, look at the colour - they're pink, princessy and cute!

I am a sucker for nice and cute packaging!

On the inside, once you unboxed it, you will be two eyeshadows infused together in a plastic packaging.

My first reaction was, "DUH!"

I didn't get to see what the product looks like before buying it because I was in such a rush and I thought mint is the colour for this season so, I sapu-ed it into my shopping bag without thinking twice.

You see... the reason why I went nay instead of yay was because the eyeshadows look really cheap in the plastic packaging.

I have an eyeshadow from Sera Cosmetics that retails at RM5 each and lemme tell you, the packaging is exactly the same - cheap plastic.

Putting the talk on packaging aside, let's check out how the pigmentation of the eyeshadow goes, shall we?

Both of the shades do not really show up on my skin upon the first swatch. What you see in the picture is the result of 3 to 4 swatches without primer or base. Hey, considering I did not test the eyeshadows with primer or base and they actually showed on my skin, they're not bad at all.

The lighter mint performs really well as highlighter as you know, the green is almost unnoticeable whereas the darker mint is just a normal eyeshadow.

However, one thing I am glad - both eyeshadows are not glittery or shimmery. They are more towards frosted or muted shades.

One thing I don't like about this product is that they lacked of a deeper or darker shade that should come together with the lighter shades.

Hence, it makes this product not-travel-friendly even though the size is small. I have to resort to use my own darker brown shade to create a minty chocolate look.

So, here you go... my personalized chocolate mint look using the Lioele Crystal Muse Eyeshadow in Mint Aqua. Of course I added a tinge of fuchsia on my lips!

The lipstick is pure love.

Oh, I don't think I will re-purchase any of the eyeshadows. One is enough to last me quite a while because I figured out the other shades would be similar in consistency too.

Anyway, have a great Wednesday, people!

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