Sunday, August 26, 2012

My new wishlist

I feel like my bank account is in so much pain whenever I discuss about make-up, cosmetic, beauty and skin care these days. This is totally an example of #firstworldpain because there are just so many items I need to re-purchase after those thieves stole my train case and also my skin care products.

No, I don't who those freaking thieves are but I know they're being a real time idiots for taking my most treasured items! Curse them!

If only I have an extra RM1000, I may be able to stock up what I have lost but I don't think I will unless there is a good Samaritan who's willing to donate to me.

Those are all the items I need as of now however, I doubt if the list will stay still without adding more stuffs. LOLX!

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