Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have been missing for quite some time, I guess. I came back to my hometown 2 weeks ago on an early morning flight and that very night, my house was broken into. My laptop is gone for good. Yes, my beloved pink Sony Vaio has been stolen!!! Fuck those thieves!

Other than that, those motherfuckers also took my whole makeup train case and also my skin care products!
You can't blame me for cursing them! I've lost my Sigma Paris Palette and also my Urban Decay Naked Palette! I lost all my lipsticks and new Laura Mercier foundation!

These motherfuckers deserve to die and rot in hell!

Now, I'm left with only one smart phone, the only gadget that keeps me alive in my small and boring hometown.

Told my parents I regret coming home. If I didn't come back this time around, none of my stuffs would get stolen.

Sighs... I can't blog much or reply to emails right now. All my data, pictures and documents are gone for good because they took my external hard drive as well.

Burn, motherfuckers, may you burn in hell!

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