Thursday, July 19, 2012

Instagram updates

I do realize I've been missing from the online world for quite some time since last week.

Well, I'm not dying or anything but it was just that last week, I was busy moving to a new place and my dad had to fly in to help us.

There are quite a lot of things I wanna ship back to my hometown, thus, you can imagine how messy things can be at this stage.

At the same time, since I have yet to start working, I'm spending some time with my dad, bringing him around KL for trips here and there.

Of course, these trips would not be complete without good food. Courtesy of my brother, we went to Spring Garden at KLCC for dimsum.

Food was ah-okay but the service was slower than a snail! I got agitated a while later and began to sketch on my plate.

Hopefully, they did something about it because even when it came to bills, they were really slow. We had to remind them on and on that we were ready to pay.

Let's not talk about the unpleasant experience, shall we?

Stupid sister and I brought dad to Korean Restaurants for several times because dad wanted to try something new.

Aside from food, I went shopping with dad and picked up two peep-toes heels. Best of all, I got both of them for the price of less than RM55.

What a deal, right?

On the other hand, I went missing on blogosphere because I have a lot of clothes to wash. So, everyday for the past few days was laundry day for me.

Before I end this entry, I'm gonna let you see my favourite Mickey and Minnie shirt!

I love the cutting and I love the material and also the cute cartoon!

It's Thursday already so, for those of you who are working, happy working and for those of you who are looking forward to tomorrow, TGIF while for those of you who are not doing anything, happy weekend!

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