Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am so sorry I haven't been blogging much or reading blogs lately. I am truly sorry. I have yet to get a new laptop and also a camera, so it'll take a while before I start blogging again.

Please do bear with me, okay? I really do appreciate it.

As the matter of fact, I actually did not intend to blog tonight because first of all, blogging from smartphone isn't the smartest decision because smartphone is not as user-friendly as a computer. Secondly, I don't like doing all the touch-screen thingy all the times but anyway, it doesn't really matter. I super need a time out and maybe, a hug.

I can't believe August 2012 is coming to an end soon. Good news is, Raya holiday is coming yes, friends will be coming back for gatherings - finally!

Erm... I'm actually trying to cheat my way through. Honestly, I am not really happy right now. I miss KL so much and yet I still want to stay at home with my parents.

The only reason that keeps me here at this small hometown of mine is because of a person. Good thing is that he's coming back for Raya and the bad thing is... there's nothing that'll happen between us.
How I wish he'd understand what I'm going through.

Shall talk about it later in another entry. Feeling a little drowsy and sleepy.

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