Saturday, August 18, 2012

Return, without a 'bang'!

As promised, I will be getting back on blogging track as soon as I get a new laptop and here I am now, blogging with a new laptop that is not mine but well... temporarily mine. LOLX!

If you are wondering why, my house was broken into my some asshole of thieves the day I got back home from KL and those bastards practically took everything. Yes, when I've said everything, it includes my traincase full of makeup as well as all my skin care products I've just bought from Clinique and Lancôme. Imagine how could I not gone weak on my knees when I got home from the church that very night and saw my living room in a mess with my stuffs gone. All my precious pictures in my laptop and external hard disk were gone too, thus, I was unable to even blog about it.

The whole experience left me really upset and moody because I treasure all my stuffs, laptop and pictures! All these years of memories were gone because of those assholes! I curse them. Yes, right, I really do curse them and their descendants that they'll all die ugly deaths! Do not blame me for cursing them because they even took the earrings my late grandmother left for my mother. You tell me, if you were me, how would you feel?

Whatever that is, I don't really want to know except that these people deserve to have their limbs amputated for stealing.

Anyway, thanks to these suckers, I have to spend a fortune to get new make-up and also skin care products. The downside to it, although I get to buy new products, I can no longer afford branded skin care or make-up products. FML!

I only had RM500 in my possession the day I went out to get new stuffs because a lot of brands I am using are not available at my hometown and I do not want to pay extra to ask people to post these stuffs back to me since postage would be hefty!

So, I picked up whatever that are available and I practically spent like RM474 on all the stuffs you see in the picture below.

Definitely not everything that I need but since I desperately needed make-up products for my BFF's wedding, I had to get something. I figured out I didn't wanna spend too much on irrelevant products this time around so, I ended up getting only those products I am familiar with and have been using. This includes products I have been loving exception for the new Shiseido liquid foundation and brush.

I have been raving the Shiseido foundation brush for quite some time after reading Paris B's review on it a few months back. I had no plan on getting one back then because I had my trusty ELF foundation brush but since I no longer had it, I wanted to get a really good brush that is worth every penny.

Anyway, that is a story for another day.

Aside from that, since Lioele Malaysia is having it's grand opening sales, I dropped by because of the 10% discount as well as freebies!

They gave away freebies worth RM88 with every purchase of RM100. LOLX!

Best of all, these freebies come with really cute and pink carry-around cardbox - I am a sucker for cute and illogical packaging!

I bought a concealer and also shimmer base. The lip pencil belongs to stupid sister. At present time, I am hooked to my Revlon Lip Butters so, other lip products may have to wait a bit.

Wanna take a peek what is inside the cute freebies' box?

Here you go!

In total, I've spent more than RM600 to get these products and I've yet to get any decent eyeshadows or primers. I guess I would have been a dead cow by the end of this month because my current skin care products are going to be used up in half month or so and FML, where the hell am I gonna find so much moo-lah to buy new stuffs?

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