Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have a blue day!

One of the reasons that make me keep on going back to Singapore has to be it's shopping experience.

I mean Malaysia is good enough with all the affordable stuffs but then again, there are a lot of things that are not available in Malaysia and Singapore has them. So, tell me, what are the best ways except to travel south to fulfil my shopping needs?

During my last visit to Singapore, I managed to pick up one of Bioré's make-up removers that is no available yet in Malaysia.

It is called the Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover.

It isn't exactly cute or anything actually. The only reason why I bought it was because Bioré has always been the brand I trust most when it comes to removing make-up. I have tried a lot of other brands in the market but in the end, I still think Bioré has the best make-up removers!

Since we can get other Bioré make-up removers in Malaysia and not the Hydra-Clear, I picked it up at a discounted price of SGD$15.90 instead of SGD$22.90 so, tell me, is it worth it or not? LOLX!

At the first glance, the make-up remover looks a little bit watery but believe me, it is not watery and if you're worried about it being too oily, no, it is not oily too.

In fact, I personally think it is a good concoction between water and oil. The unique thing is that you don't need to shake your bon-bon before using this product.

It is printed on the label that no rubbing or tugging required if you're using this product and it gently removes all stubborn make-up with its water-based formula that leave no greasiness or tight feeling.

Sounds good, aye?

You are supposed to use this product just like how you would normally wash your wash.

Pour an appropriate amount onto your dry palm and then, warm it up before applying it onto your face.

Sounds great now, right?

Best of all, you don't even need any cotton pad - money saved! LOLX!

Excited as I was, I tried it out immediately after purchasing and voila, it does what it claims and yes, I love products like that!

I went out with full-faced make-up the other day together with my super waterproof mascara and eyeliner but within few minutes of gentle cleansing, all the make-up was removed!

The aftermath of using this product was really amazing. My skin felt really clean. Unlike the pump version of the Bioré oil-based cleanser than leave me with cloudy sight for a few seconds, this product does not leave cloudy sight to the user at all.

Better still, you don't need hell lot of product to wash your face with full make-up. Believe me, less is more!

Here's list of ingredients if you wanna know.

Aside from the other Bioré Eye & Lip Make-up Remover, the Hydra-Clear Make-up Remover has to be one of my favourites! Yes, I will continue to repurchase this product for as long as I could see it on the shelves.

Hopefully it will be available to Malaysians soon!

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