Monday, June 4, 2012

Back to Black

I can't believe it's already June and June has to be the most-est terrible month of the year. You'll know why when you've gotta fork out your savings for two birthdays in the family. LOLX! My savings may be dry but then again, that means family gathering twice in a month.

If that is so, I guess I just have to save more this month. That probably means having to finish up existing products and contemplate whether I need to buy more of certain stuffs. Yeah, that is my life for you if you don't know yet. Either way, I kinda am proud of myself that I've finished up certain products and here you go, a few pictures to share - EMPTIES OF MAY 2012!

I've always adore hair products with nice fragrances and these would be my all time favourite but I don't think I will be going back to get them because I still have quite a lot of products in hand.

As for skincare products, these products are okay but well... I guess we all have our high and low end products, right?

~ Sasatinie Green Apple Gel Moisturiser - best for moisturising effect as well as giving hydration ~

I like toners with a little bit of astringent so... Eskinol is my all-time favourite toner. Not only it is super affordable but it is very refreshing especially if you have combination to oily skin.

I guess I've passed my own test of finishing-what-I-have-in-hand project.

Anyway, let's proceed to the title 'Back to Black.'

If you guys are aware of it, I'm sure you know it is a song from the late Amy Winehouse. No, you have no idea of who Amy Winehouse is?

Amy is well-known for her super-thick cat-eyed liner.

Actually, I did not get to know Amy until probably... when she passed away last year? LOLX! I know, I know, I was not being ignorant but again, I was really busy with my thesis and also work back then. So throughout the period she was actively singing and battling drugs, I was busying digging into my world of thesis-ism. How ironic, right?

Since I was too bored last week, I tried to re-create her super thick cat-eyed liner look.

It was purely a pain in the arse because I thought her cat-eyed liner would be easy to draw but I was so damn wrong because I can't pull that kinda look at all.

Amy is all out on black eyeliner. I figured out black would look too harsh on me so, I ended up using a brown liquid eyeliner instead.

I really tried hard to create the curvacious cat-eyed look but darn, I failed because when I opened my eyes, it didn't look anything close to Amy's look.

Nevertheless, at least I've tried... it is all about efforts! LOLX!

I also tried to create the sky-high and thick bouffant on Amy's signature look.

I did not own any wigs or puffy material to slip under my hair so, I had to depend on a lot of bobby pins and also hair spray to keep the bouffant puffy and high.

Removing the bobby pins afterwards was a hideous process!

This is the end result of the eyeliner and also, a fake piercing towards the left side of my cupid's bow.

This look can never be complete without Amy's signature cigarette on hand. Since I do not smoke, I had to replace the cigar with my Empro eyebrow pencil.

Somehow, Isabel noticed that. LOLX!

I'm gonna end my entry here so, for those of you who are working, happy work week, people!

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