Monday, May 28, 2012

Something out of the blue

All of a sudden, I have this feeling that I have not been talking much about my life these days already. I guess there are not interesting things going on in my life that is worth mentioning. 

No, I am not saying that everyone around me is not prominent but the thing is, yeah, it is about me. I don't feel like talking about friends or family these days. There are a lot of things going around in my life but I've been really lazy to even take note of those happenings or events.

I have the intention to blog about a very precious and close friend of mine because a lot of our friends are often awed or surprised with how we actually got to know each other. Well... I'm gonna have a separate entry on that since I'm feeling like blogging about what I have been doing for the past two weeks or so.

Aside from Dr. N coming for a short trip to KL and the fact that we finally met each other after 1.5 years, my little cousin came for a visit as well. OMG... did I tell you guys that I freaking love my little cousin so much? Hahaha... this is a picture of us... happily barbequeing away.

We went on crazy shopping sprees together. This is one of the cousins that I grow up to love just like my very own biological brother. Other than shopping sprees, we practically did nothing except for catching up because he was away on internship for more than 7 months! My, my, my... I can't believe he's growing up! 

I met up with Yin Ting as well because it had been so freaking long since we last met each other too. I guess this is how friendships can actually fall apart. You need to put in efforts if you wanna maintain a friendship. We went to Noodles Station at Midvalley for lunch and I ordered something really cute.

I did not expect it to be so dwarf-y but yeah, dwarf it was! 

Other than those 3 fantastic people, 老公 came over to KL last weekend too. It was a short trip because he said he needed to go to IMU to check out girls. Yeah, the truth about 老公 - he fails in the art of playboy-ing but he still loves to check out those hot chicks out there!

Looks like there are indeed a lot of people coming in and out of my life for the previous 2 weeks, right? Anyway, something totally different... I went to Lancôme's roadshow with stupid sister last weekend because stupid sister ran out of skincare products.

Both of us ended up having our personal portraits taken because for every purchase of RM250 and above, you are entitled for a free personal A4 portrait. I requested a smokey eyes and yeah, this is a picture of how the smokey eyes looked like.

I also wanted red lips but too bad on the day itself, I was told the newest collection of Rouge in Love does not have the red shade that I want but it's okay. I chose a coral shade to go with my smokey eyes. I had more than 25 pictures taken because I was complaining all the pictures sucks and the photographer had no choice but to take more pictures until I was satisfied. LOLX!

At the same time, I freaking love how the hairstylist did beach waves on my hair.

I think the steps are easy but if you were to ask me to recreate the waves... hahahahaha... no, I can't do it because first of all, I am too lazy to even style my hair unless there is some kinda occasion or event that I need to attend.

I also like how the waves created volume to my hair...

My, oh, my... when can I have good hair day again?

Maybe I should hire her as my personal hairstylist!

Anyway, here's a picture to share with you all.

Stupid sister was saying that I am a hard-to-deal-with customer she had ever seen in her whole entire life. I mean, WTF, right? As long as you're happy, why care? Life is all about being happy despite growing older, so... embrace it.

After that, we went to Mamak Murni at SS2 for dinner and I had this Kway Teow Goreng with Sambal Udang Petai. It wasn't much of a steptacular dish as I thought it would be. It was too oily and I practically ditched the whole sambal because it was too spicy and sweet to my liking.

One of the thing I enjoy at Mamak Murni would be their beverages. Stupid sister and I shared this portion of Lily Special. I guess for a mamak style cafes, beverages like this do come in affordable prices. The taste is not bad too. 

Well... what else can I complain? It's only RM5 for a medium sized beverage!

Anyway, this weekend is gonna be interesting because I'll be meeting one of my friends and we plan to go for another shopping spree together. Then, stupid sister's and my brother's birthdays are coming this weekend too so, I'll be super busy with planning for their birthday dinners.

Before I end this entry, here are another 3 pictures courtesy of Lancôme.

I had to bent my waist and arms to take these pictures because the photographer purposely did that since I complained way too much. LOLX!

Happy working week, people!

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