Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And it never fails...

I don't know about you but I really hate it when my eyeshadows fail on me... Remember creasing issues? Yucks! I mean, look, it may be a good excuse to touch up your eye makeup but then again, let's put it this way, shall we?

It has been a long day at work - your boss is giving you hell of a bad time by giving you a lot of work, your colleagues aren't helping much. You are thinking to yourself, "Gawd, when will this torture end?" By the time the clock cuckoos, you realize it is 6pm. All of a sudden, you remember you have a date with potential Mr. Right at 7pm. As fast as lightning, you pack your things and head to your car, speeding all the way to your date venue.

All that you could ever think of is that perfect first date...

Yeah, first date no doubt!

 Finally, 6.45pm, you are at the venue. Your eyes dart out to every corner of the cafe, trying to locate him. Then, you see him, sitting at the corner of the cafe while reading. OMG... that has to be the dreamiest look of potential Mr. Right...

He sees you and waves at you. Smiles are carved on your face. You make your way up to him gracefully and upon approaching him, you see a look on his face that you will never forget this lifetime...

Confused, you ask him, "What's wrong?"

He says nothing and smiles. A moment later, you are feeling awkward that you have to excuse yourself to the washroom.

As you get to the washroom and look into the mirror...

Imagine the horror when you see this...

All those efforts of waking up early in the morning to put your best makeup on are wasted. No wonder he has been laughing sheepishly at you the whole night without you knowing what is going on.

When you finally get you, you remember you've forgotten to put eyeshadow primer and also to use the best waterproof and crease proof makeup.

Yeah, so much for a lousy day, huh?

Worse of all, if you're staying in Malaysia where it is hot and humid all year round, without a good primer and eyeshadow, I'm pretty certain you have to do rounds and rounds of touch ups. Furthermore, some of the best cosmetics are expensive over here.

Well, what can I say?

There are always other alternatives if you search hard enough!


I'm sure you've heard about the L'Oreal Color Infalliable Eyeshadow from other beauty blogs as well as youtube beauty gurus out there, right?

You're right, you don't get these eyeshadows in Malaysia and positively, you know I bought one of these eyeshadows during my previous Singapore trip.

Initially, I wanted to pick up 2 or 3 of these eyeshadows but due to it's price, I only picked up one. I wouldn't say it is super cheap. It is not super cheap or affordable. It's SGD$14.90 which rounds up to approximately RM36 for each of the eyeshadow. Yes, RM36 for a drugstore mono eyeshadow?

Anyway, complains aside, this is the shade I bought.

I contemplated to get either a grey or dark blue eyeshadow and in the end, I settled for the dark blue eyeshadow because stupid sister reminded me that I have a lot of grey eyeshadows in my possession. For once, she is right.

So, I bought the shade #006 All Night Blue.

On the whole, this eyeshadow is packaged in a cheap plastic twistable jar. It isn't sturdy at all and I would say if you're a person who's like me, who tends to break every little plastic stuffs, you might wanna consider not to bring these eyeshadows when you are travelling. The packaging looks quite fragile to me.

When you twist to open the cap, you'll see a hood inside, yeah, I don't know what it is called so I shall call it a hood. LOLX! Basically, the function of the hood is for you to compress the eyeshadow since personally, I'd say this eyeshadow comes in pigment form - compressed pigment.

One stupid thing I always do - if I am bored, I would often compress the eyeshadow, then, close the cap and put it back with my other eyeshadows.

Well, this could be something to kill boredom, right?

Here is how the compressed pigment eyeshadow in All Night Blue looks like in the jar.

Beautiful and sparkly, isn't it?

I know, right?

Normally, I am not someone who is into sparkly eyeshadows but there are always exceptions if a product is being raved by a lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers.

I wouldn't say this shade is extremely pigmented but for a drugstore eyeshadow, it isn't so bad. The eyeshadow itself feels smooth upon touch minus the sparkles which feel rough. LOLX!

~ Left - without primer, Right - with primer ~

The thing I like about this eyeshadow is that even though you don't use any primer, the eyeshadow still manages to glide on smoothly. Best of all, can you actually differentiate which side with applied with and without eyeshadow primer if I don't tell you?

Another downside to it that if you're a person who is into matt eyeshadows, these range of eyeshadows might not be suitable for you since it is way too sparkly and shimmery that sometimes, it gets quite annoying when the shimmers fall on my cheeks upon application. Geez... I might just turn myself into a disco ball really soon!

Therefore, you only need a little of the product and yeah baby, work out your magic!

Here's a picture of a look I've created using a white eyeshadow with All Night Blue.

I'd say this shade looks outstanding on those with fair skin tones. For those who have darker skin tones, fret not, this shade looks glamourous on you too - you just need to work out the magic so that the colour can be seen upon application.

Lasts up to 4 hours on me without primer or creasing. Eyeshadow is smooth and glides easily even without a brush. A little goes a long way.

Not available in Malaysian drugstores or market. Not really cheap or affordable. Only 8 shades available in Singapore. Too sparkly and shimmery.

Price - SGD$14.90
Product - 3.5 out of 5
Packaging - 2.5 out of 5
Availability - Guardian or Watson at Singapore
Re-purchase - Maybe

Feeling like trying these eyeshadows out or you have tried it out already?

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