Friday, May 25, 2012


I don't know about you but I do have sweet tooth. Whenever I see nice desserts, I'd go weak on my knees. Yeah, I guess some of you know how it feels to drool over a heavenly piece of cheesecake or shortcake, right?

OMG... I am salivating again! I think I'm making myself crave for strawberry shortcakes right now even though I have just taken my dinner 3 hours ago.

Aih... how on Earth am I going to lose weight?


Looks like my diet can go straight into the dustbin already. Why, oh, why?


Remember my previous entry where I've said there are other alternatives in everything you do? Well... when I say other alternative, this is what I mean...

Revlon Lip Butter!

If you don't know yet, Revlon launched this lips product which is a combination of lipstick and lip balm. It is said to perform similarly like a lip balm which includes moisturising dry and chapped lips, I believe.

My favourite shade has to be Strawberry Shortcake! Yes, it is as cute as the cartoon character itself!

Here, take a closer look!

Strawberry Shortcake comes in a very sweet pale pink shade. The pink is almost opaque if you were to apply the lipstick very generously.

I'd say if you're going for smokey eyes, this shade would make you look like a barbie doll!

On the whole, I am really impressed with this product - from the colour of the shades to the lasting power of it. Most of the times, when people label lipstick as long-lasting, the first thing that will come across your mind should be, "Hey, it's gonna be very drying!" 

Nah, re-think again, you could be wrong, babes!

This product is somehow different.

I had really hard time trying to choose one shade out of the 8 others because firstly, I wasn't intrigued with the all time favourite - Peach Parfait. I tried it and was disappointed because it was super shimmery and the colour just didn't show up on my lips at all exception for the blings.

I liked Lollipop but I have similar shade so, I skipped it.

I ended up getting Strawberry Shortcake due to two simple and silly reasons - I love Strawberry Shortcake and I like it pink! LOLX!

This is how Strawberry Shortcake looks like on my lips upon application.

Stupid sister was screaming it looked horrendous because pink isn't the right colour for me but it is for her. Hey, hey, hey, who cares, right?

I love it and decided to go against her philosophy. Hahaha. Well, she actually prefers Peach Parfait.

This product is quite moisturising surprisingly. I had really dry and chapped lips the other day when I picked this product up. I believe it doesn't dry up easily but once it's dry, it will stay put.

Staying put as in long-lasting power. The other day when I wore it, I wore it for 5 hours straight. I had my fair amount of beverages and finger food too and guess what, it was still there after I checked out on it.

I even tried transferring the colour onto a piece of tissue and yeah, it did transferred to the tissue. Little did I expect to see a tinge of pinkiness still seen despite of what I have done. OMFG, the shade was still seen on my lips!

Isn't that amazing?

I mean, look at the picture below... can you notice a tinge of pinkiness after 5 hours or so?

Sorry for my big arse face. I was trying to catch the right angle but all the pictures ended up in disasters, so, this is the only picture available for now.

I definitely have no complain over this product. For a price less than RM25 for a product that does what it claims, this is something we girls need to own - dry, chapped lips, moisturising effect, colours and yeah, you name it and Revlon Lip Butter does have it!

However, the only thing I wanna rant about is, REVLON MALAYSIA, WHY YOU NO BRING IN OTHER SHADES? 

Yeah, we all want more than those 8 shades available in the market!

Affordable, easily found in the market, long-lasting and moisturising.

Not enough shades available in the market

Price - RM24.90
Product - 4.5 out of 5
Packaging - 4 out of 5
Availability - Sasa, Guardian, Watson, Caring
Re-purchase - Yes

Have you girls try out the Revlon Lip Butter yet?

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