Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sinfully beautiful!

Okay, let's talk about girls' all time favourite delicacy - chocolates!

I remember growing up as a little girl, I was a HUGE fan of anything with chocolatey flavour. Even now, I am still pretty much in love with this sinfully delicious stuff!

Yeah, I was obsessed with chocolates because I totally believed that when you are down, chocolates are your best friends because they can make you happy. Having an aunt who stays in Australia is one of the best things on Earth because from time to time, she would send chocolates back from Australia for us.

In fact, up to now, the fridge back at my home town is forever stocked up with chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates!

Even better, when my close girl friends from all over the world come back to Malaysia for a visit, they would also bring chocolates for me!

Imagine a happy girl in me when I see those chocolates! Hahahaha... I still have a thing for chocolates especially mint flavoured chocolates!

As much as I love chocolates, a part of me actually know chocolates make you fat. The myth about chocolates make you happy is actually not really true because the more you eat, the more you're gonna get fatter and fatter and you may even end up with diabetes!

I believe moderation is the key. BBF sent me a box of chocolates from Singapore in December last year and I still have like more than half box of them even though stupid sister, my cousins and friends are trying hard to finish them up.

My theory is like if I skip lunch or dinner, I may have just one, yeah, ONE chocolate to compensate my dedication to eat less. You don't need to eat them secretly because chocolates are already sinful and if you do so you're commiting more than just one sin. LOLX!

Lame but that's the truth!

So, during my trip to Singapore last December, when I was craving for chocolates, my soul mate actually found another alternative for me. Yes, that is why I love my soul mate. She dragged me into Sasa at Bugis Tower and said, "Chocolates can make you fat, why not we just shop here? Perhaps you can find something chocolatey?"

That is how adorable she always is!

It was then, I had my eyes fixed on something - something chocolatey and moussey. Something that looks like Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush.

I have forever wanted a mousse blush but I didn't want to do pre-order because I hate waiting. I believe there is always another alternative to Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush and voila, dreams do come true.

Yes, imagine chocolates and mousse, coming together as one! Chocolate mousse that comes in the form of food is sinfully fattening but well... like what I've said, there is always another alternative! I found Sheen Choco Mousse Cheek!

I guess you all are wondering what in the world this stuff is!

Lemme brief you. It is actually just like Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, well... it works exactly like that - blush that comes in mousse form, geddit?

I'm sure you are wondering as well, how on Earth does it this blush has anything to do with chocolates, right? If I were to tell you that it smells like chocolates, are you going to believe me?

It does smell like chocolates but I don't know if it tastes like chocolates because I've not tasted it so far. You're welcome to taste it if you want me. I don't mind offering it to you for tasting purposes. LOLX! Drop me a line if you want to. Hahaha.

Anyway, here's a close up picture for your eyes if you wanna see how the mousse looks like.

Honestly, this shade is not what I wanted initially. I was thinking of going for the shade of pink but then again, since they were having sales on Sheen products that day, most of the products are out of stocks. I settled for shade #10, which is what you are seeing in the picture above.

I was quite disappointed when I tore the packaging because I thought the red coloured mousse, despite smelling great, looks horrendously red.

RED, geddit?

I guess we do have those kinda feelings if the products we buy are not up to our expectations but wait, there are some truths in the saying that goes, "Never try, never know."

For the past few months, I've been using this blush and my verdict is... I kinda like it. Aside from smelling like chocolates, it is quite long-lasting. I mean, I always top it with a layer of powder blush to make it last for as long as I am outside.

From the look of the product in the jar, it is red but well, you only need a little product upon application and it will blend into something bronzey or maybe peachy.

~ Left - blended, right - swatched, not blended ~

In fact, I would say, it is a very natural colour upon blending. If I were to wear this blush, normally I would skip BB cream or foundation. Aside from being lazy, I just wanna keep everything simple and natural with a tinge of healthy colour on my face.

However, there are times when you need BB cream or foundation and also blush and yeah, this is how it looks like on my cheeks, minus powder blush.

Quite subtle, aye?

For application, I don't use my fingers. Instead, I prefer to use my MAC109 brush. Application is simple, just gently dip your brush into the jar and do not straight away place the product onto your place like how you normally would with your powder blushes. Stipple the product gentle onto the apple of your cheeks and if you need to, use a second blush brush to smooth out and blend the product.

So, all the talk about hygiene is settled if you don't use your fingers.

I guess you have in mind what to expect if you wanna get this blush at Sasa, Bugis Tower. Well, for Malaysians and readers from other countries, you can always get your friends at Singapore to buy them for you if you're interested.

They have mousse foundations and eyeshadows too.

Did I tell you not? Everything has an alternative solution.

 ~ No chocolates because it is sinful ~

Chocolates are sinful but well... you can indulge without feeling sinful, right?

I have the intention to go back to Sasa, Singapore for other shades but too bad I always forget about it whenever I am there. I guess I am really getting older because I forget things easily nowadays!

I have no complains about the packaging because all mousse blushes come in similar packaging. Just as long as you don't dig your fingers into the product, then, it's okay.

Price? I wouldn't say it is very expensive because well... if you earn Singaporean dollars, it is cheap, like cheap, cheap. LOLX! I bought it for SGD$10 during promotion. I believe the original price should be around SGD$12 to SGD$18 if I am not mistaken.

Nice chocolatey smell. Mousse is soft to touch. Lasting power depends on your skin type but it should last around 4 to 5 hours upon application. A little goes a long way.

Cap isn't up to my expectation. Leaves mascara stains on your eyebags. Needs more product to remove waterproof makeup.

Price - SGD$10 to SGD$18
Product - 3 out of 5
Packaging - 3.5 out of 5
Availability - Sasa at Bugis Tower, Singapore
Re-purchase - Yes but will somebody please remind me to do so?

At the end of the day...

Gimme more of the blush! Hahaha...

Have a great week, people!

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