Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stage After Party Calming Makeup Remover

You know know how obsessed I am with my Bioré Makeup Remover, right? I'm almost done with my first bottle and gonna purchase the second one real soon! Oh, I can't wait for more cosmetic hauls! I've been refraining myself from even talking about it for more than half year!

*proud of myself*

Besides my Bioré Makeup Remover, I do have other makeup removers in possession but due to having too many products, like always, I end up forgetting I have them. Girls will always be girls...

Anyway, as I was ransacking stupid sister's collection of makeup removers, I found this - Stage After Party Calming Makeup Remover.

That is a pretty hefty name for a makeup remover. If I ever own my line of makeup products, I'll name the makeup remover, Strip it!


Okay, what is this calming makeup remover about?

According to the BCs, this makeup remover comes with calming effect especially after partying through the night. I believe there is aromatherapy goodness incorporated to it because it does smell good, something like lavender or rose. I am bad at describing smells.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

I thought the packaging of this product does look quite posh - take a look at the picture below!

When you get the product out of the black box, you'll see two separated layers in the bottle. I'm not sure if they are oil and water or whatsoever but you've gotta shake until the two layers mix before using it.

The bottle, although is made out of plastic, but it is a damn-solid plastic! LOLX! I tried squeezing it but the shape wouldn't budge at all! Magic! Hahaha.

Oh, this is how the cap and opening looks like.

Honestly, I don't like the opening at all. You're supposed to press downwards until the cap pops up.

I got annoyed with the cap upon my first encounter with it. I have the this feeling that the product is gonna spill everytime I touch it.

Perhaps I am just paranoid.

Okay, let's look at it's effectiveness despite having nice aromatherapy smell to it.

This was what I wore on my face on the day I first used the makeup remover.

Bright purple and light brown on the crease together with layers and layers of waterproof mascara!

I love trying out makeup removers on my eye makeup to test it's effectiveness. So, what you have to do is soak the cotton pad filled with the makeup remover on your eyes for a few minutes to let the makeup dissolve.

Behold... this is what I get...

Looks promising because of the smell and also the amount of makeup it removed!

So, I happily walked over to my dressing table and to my horror... I saw this...

Mascara stains on my eyebags!

OMG... I actually hate stains like these especially when I expect the product to work well.

I have issues with something like this!

I prefer makeup removers to completely remove all the makeup, especially on the eyes but no, they cannot leave stains anywhere near my eyes!

At the end of the day, I guess this might not be the best makeup remover after all. Yes, it does remove your makeup but not all.

Nice fragrance with posh presentation. Solid packaging.

Cap isn't up to my expectation. Leaves mascara stains on your eyebags. Needs more product to remove waterproof makeup.

Price - Not sure but I got mine for RM25 only
Product - 3 out of 5
Packaging - 3 out of 5
Availability - Stage Cosmetics, Midvalley
Re-purchase - Maybe

Have you try this out yet?

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