Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hi, people of blogosphere!

Just in case you're wondering, the entries on my blog have been scheduled 2.5 weeks prior to today. That's why you see my blog still active. LOLX!

Yes, I am pretty much alive but on the kicking part... nah, I've been too occupied and tired with a lot of things for the previous 2 weeks. Life has not been f-ing awesome because I've been struggling to go through everyday. It has not been pretty bad too, minus the struggling part because I still can go to sleep soundly, waking up to beautiful mornings minus the part when I have to wake up early.

I get lazy at times too because I'm still a human after all. I'm sure you feel so every now and then, right?

I'm sorry to divert you away from the topic of the entry. Let's talk about singlehood today, shall we?

I don't hate to admit I am still single because I'm just too busy for love to come knocking. If something is the truth, why would you hide it? I mean, there is nothing to be ashamed of to even feel lonely. Stupid sister once asked me, "You wake up to so many people around you every morning, what are you feeling lonely about?"

The truth is, she will never come close to understand the feeling of being lonely because she has forever been in a relationship. Erm... the type when she is over with Guy A, she will jump into another new relationship with Guy B after few days - if you get what I mean. When I tell her I am lonely, she'll feel like I am crapping because I have so many friends around me.

It is indeed true for those of you who are either ATTACHED, ENGAGED or MARRIED to tell people like me, "Your turn will come, you don't need to worry."

Well... first thing first, I'm not gonna lie but no matter how many times you're telling me that, I will still worry because you're not in my position to feel the loneliness. The feeling isn't as bad as something inside you has died but it is just the feeling of, "FML!"

Yeah, just the FML part.

I don't know for you but for me, I don't like it when people make remarks, "You're too choosy!", "You ought to lower your expectation!", "You cannot expect these traits from your future partner if you don't own them yourself!" and so on and so for.

I get those remarks all the times especially with my increasing age every year.

Hello... are you me? How do you know I am choosy? How do you know my expectations are high? How do you know what traits I expect from my future partner?

Indeed, it is true when the Chinese says, "If you don't speak, nobody is going to say you're mute."

Sometimes, it is the case of the more you comment or remark, the worse the situation is going to be. So, people, next time, if you're not sure about anything, don't make remarks. It is okay to ASK QUESTIONS but NOT TO MAKE REMARKS but bear in mind the questions asked should be intelligent and not stupid.

Grrr... these stupid people who ask stupid questions really gets on my nerve!

If you wanna know, I do feel lonely especially on Friday nights and also on days when I am alone and wishing hard someone would be there but no, no, no, I am not depressed because of my loneliness. My life still goes on like how it should be and although I do rant about it in real life, still, I gotta do what I have to do to live.

I even try to be positive by telling myself, "Hey, singlehood isn't too bad!"

Yeah, I am deceiving myself but at least I am enjoying life being single, minus the thesis-writing part.

Lemme share with you why I think singlehood isn't so bad even though I do feel lonely at times.
  1. You make your own decisions because you're the boss!
  2. You are free to do whatever you want because you don't need to ask, "Hey, boyfie, girlfie, can I go hang out with my friends?"
  3. You only pay for your own share when you're eating out. I know, you'll think girls always don't pay because guys should. Bah... I've met idiots that expected girls to pay for them!
  4. You don't need to spend an hour to put on make-up and dress nicely to impress.
  5. You don't need to share the bathroom with another person.
  6. You can be always on-the-go because travelling with a partner sucks sometimes. Yeah, I do travel alone, no big deal. Travelling alone isn't so bad actually.
  7. You don't need to waste your breath to argue or quarrel with your partner.
I don't know about you but those are the things I enjoy doing, as a single. LOLX!

I am be quite a loner sometimes. I don't hate people but there are just times when you feel like being alone and shut yourself in the room. Other than those, I'm perfectly living my life as a single and though not loving it, I am surviving through it.

Hahaha... I know you must have been wondering what I do from Monday to Sunday, being a single, right? Well... there are a lot of things I can do actually but I'm not gonna tell you everything because I don't you all to think that I'm trying to ask you to live my life by my standard.

Whatever it is, although singlehood doesn't rock but at least it is not too terrible.

Happy Tuesday, people!