Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to one

This entry is not gonna be beauty or fashion related because I have too many things in life to blog about.

If you don't know yet, I am in the mid of job-hunt because I've just submitted my thesis. Now, hopefully with God's blessing I would get through the senate meeting and graduate by October 2012. Please pray for me, okay?

Anyway, just as I've mentioned before, I am in a job-hunting mode and I've chose to try my luck in Singapore instead of staying back. So, last Thursday, I flew to Singapore for an interview at MDIS College. Well... I'll talk about the interview maybe in another entry because I guess it'll be useful for those of you who want to land yourself a job in Singapore.

Stupid sister tagged along to Singapore with me for a trip since she hasn't been to Singapore for more than 10 years. We booked for an accommodation via Agoda. Agoda is one of the easiest website to use if you ever think of booking a hotel or hostel room for your trip.

I wanted to stay at Prince of Wales at Boat Quay but too bad, I don't own a paypal or stuffs like that, so, I couldn't book for a place there. We ended up staying at Tresor Tavern at Little India. It wasn't anything as clean as POW and stupid sister was annoying throughout the trip because she said she was bitten by bed bugs every night. I'm not gonna review on Tresor Tavern because I know for sure I won't be going back there for the second time.

I went for the interview on Friday morning and after that, stupid sister and I went to Universal Studio at Sentosa.

In fact, stupid sister wanted to go into USS for a day but due to our short, rush trip and also insufficient budget, we didn't get any entrance tickets. Instead, we camwhored like mad outside USS. We were daring enough to go to the no-camera zone and took countless pictures there as well.

Well... if nobody tells you off, you've just gotta pretend to be stupid. Hahahaha.

Yeah, chocolates and teddies always go together, don't you think so? Oh, not forgetting, chocolates, teddies and stupid sister always go together as well. LOLX!

After our Sentosa trip, we went for window-shopping at Vivo City and also Bugis Tower while waiting for Vince and Steven. Stupid sister ended up buying quite a number of candies. She was intrigued with different foodies available at Singapore that we don't see them in Malaysia.

Of kids and candies - again, stupid sister fits in the definition. Hahaha...

Oh, yeah, I took stupid sister to MOS Burger because she wanted to try MOS' rice burger.

Guys, I am loving the fishtail braid! I wore it for the night and BBF, which stands for Best Boy Friend, commented that, "How the heck can you do your braid in less than 10 minutes?!" because he just turned away for a good 10 minutes to look at something and voila, I was done with my braid!

"It's magic," I told him. BBF never fails to amuse me actually. He gave me a smirk and said, "Ah-cheh!"

Finally, it was time for dinner. Vince and Steven brought us to an open-air food court at Bedok because I did not want to end up having dinner at shopping malls or even paying a lot for fancy restaurants. I always prefer to go to local food courts for local delicacies!

My gawd, the food court at Bedok is HUGE! We ordered quite a number of things but I ended up taking only a few pictures because I was super hungry and gobbling down every single food on the table!

Since Singapore is famous for frog porridge, I figured out I might as well try it out. Actually I have been contemplating if I should go for this dish because when I first saw the yucky experience of the frogs being skinned, I shuddered and thought, "FML, it's disgusting!"

BBF reassured me that the frogs taste like chicken and I should at least try it out once.

There I was, closing my eyes and took a bite.

It didn't taste so bad, it really tasted a little bit like chicken exception for the part that it tasted more smooth and well... less fattening? Healthy food, aye?

One thing I found very intriguing about the Chinese Tea they have in Bedok...

Served in a teabag and you are given ice-cubes. LOLX! I guess we don't really see that in Malaysia, right? I'm not sure about the price because BBF paid for the meal.

Thus, that was the end of Friday.

I hate to admit it but whenever I part with BBF, I always feel like crying. It is not love but it is merely, "Hey, I don't know when I'm gonna see you again but I think I'm gonna miss you."

Yeah, something like that. Somehow, I guess BBF knows how I feel too because I always see it in him that he feels heavy-hearted whenever I leave too. He would always call me right before I board the plane and also when he gets home. If he could, he always try to make it to the last meal before I leave Singapore.

I guess this is what best friends are for. I don't think there is anything else I should ask for from Vince because he has been the MOST CARING boy friend I have ever had and thank you Lord for bringing this friend into my life! I shall make another entry on our friendship soon!

Anyway, I did not buy a lot of things comparing to stupid sister because I was on a tight budget as I did not want to spend too much. These are the things I bought that day.

The loot costs SGD$35.80 and when converted to MYR, it is RM86.65 FML!!! I can't believe I have spent close to RM100 on these four items only!

The following day, I woke up all grumpy because it was freaking early. In fact, we had to get up early for free breakfast as both of us did not wanna spend more on food, which was unnecessary.

Yes, myself and my grumpy face with a piece of tissue in my hand - totally no makeup at all because I was damn lazy to doll up early in the morning. Plus, walking under the sun would definitely melt my makeup!

Stupid sister and I went to the Merlion Park after checking out. We took a lot of pictures but nah, I'm not gonna upload them here because you've seen Merlion Park in my blog before and maybe some other blogs as well. It was really hot so, stupid sister and I sat at Starbucks for a rest and had Soy Strawberry n' Cream Frappuccino.

Honestly, it wasn't anything fancy. We ordered it because we don't have it here in Malaysia - yet. Who knows in times to come, Starbucks Malaysia will have it too. Here's a picture of me, posing with the frappuccino.

OMG... I can't believe my hair is so long until stupid sister said so. LOLX! I love the length of my hair. If only my hair could be thicker!

Lunch was at Ion Orchard - nothing fancy because we went to the food court.

Stupid sister and her signature pose of I-am-too-beautiful-for-pictures. Hahaha...

We did some window-shopping at Ion Orchard and Somerset before moving to Geylang for dinner. Steven mentioned there is this very famous dimsum restaurant at Geyland that we should try out and we agreed.

Honestly, if you want me to do a comparison between the dimsum we have here in KL and also Singapore, I'd say KL would win hands down anytime, anywhere! I guess for Singapore's standard, these dimsums are okay, not so bad.

Presentation wise, yeah, they would win but taste wise, nah... go to Mee Bon at Jalan Ipoh, KL, you'll definitely enjoy your meal!

Oh, this is the dimsum that completely stole my heart with it's cuteness!

Minced meat with mushroom wrapped in soft tofu!

Cute, right?

This dish costs SGD$4. Hahaha... now, you tell me, is it too cute or what?!

Our last destination was Marina Bay Sands for the water performance.

I saw Sephora at MBS and went in for a quick makeover. Hahaha... I know, I know, makeup is always my bestest of all friend!

I tried out Sephora's red lipstick and was very much in love with it but alas, since I have too many lipsticks in my possession, I did not buy any.

After MBS, it was time to go to Changi Airport. Our flight back to KL was at 5.55am the following day, thus, we kinda hung out at McD's at Changi. Hahaha... Stupid sister was so fascinated with the McD there!

She did two rounds of orders because according to her, the toys that come with the Happy Meal were different from what we have in Malaysia.

There you go... the third Singapore trip I have just this year alone. I guess I will be going back sometime soon. Yeah, hopefully I can land myself on a job there and marry a Singaporean!

Have a blessed week, people!

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