Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stage Photo Pro Foundation

 Okay, my bad, my bad... I guess I haven't really been discussing about beauty products, health or fashion lately. Yes, too many things happened and believe me, given a choice, I really don't want to be myself either. Maybe I will choose to become Kim Kardashian or maybe Fan Bing Bing.

Oh, you don't know who Fan Bing Bing is?

Well... if you're familiar with L'Oreal, she's the ambassador.

A true Asian beauty and I get jealous over it... I guess in this case, we girls are eligible to drool over her beauty, right?

Anyway, craps aside because I can never be her so, I have to face reality as of now.

Reality as in... bah...

No perfect skin... Look at my dark circles, wrinkles, pimple scars as well as uneven skintone... yucks... so not appetizing. Most of the times, I would let my hair down and wear a glasses to hide all my imperfections. What to do? I did not started out taking care of my skin when I was younger. Hence, Imma gonna teach my kids the proper way of skincare if I ever have any. LOLX!

Anyway, I'm gonna share my two-cent on Stage Photo Pro Foundation.

This product has been around for quite some time. Yes, it is available at Stage Cosmetics, Midvalley. The packaging looks something like the picture below.

Nothing spectacular because it is very MAC look-a-like in black. When you 'undress' the box, you'll get a squeeze tube foundation containing 30ml worth of product.

The time when I bought this foundation, I was a shade fairer. Due to to my hectic life and having to be on the go most of the times, I grew darker. FML... darker is not always a good thing!

The shade I had gotten was 04 Take 3, which in the Picture Perfect Foundation series, it is equivalent to the shade, Doll.

For your information, if you're a newbie to Stage Cosmetics, Photo Pro Foundation is meant for those with oily skin whereas the Picture Perfect Foundation is for those with dry skin. If you are unsure of which to get, you can always ask the beauty advisers. I'm sure they'll assist you because for me, I did and I got to know a wonderful BA cum friend, Charmaine. If you're looking for Charmaine, I am so sorry because she is not working for Stage Cosmetics any longer. She switched to another company.

Upon opening the cap, you can see that the opening of the tube is sealed with a layer of aluminium to avoid leakage as well as for hygiene purposes.

The foundation itself is quite runny. Yeah, runny is the right word. The word next to it should be liquidy but be careful not to be over generous with the application or else you'll end up looking like a pontianak! Hahaha...

~ Runny, liquidy foundation ~

After I squeezed out a small amount of the foundation, it flowed like mad because of the texture. Just take a look at the picture above. My advice is to be extra careful while squeezing it out. I'm sure you wouldn't want to waste the product.

The only downside of this packaging is that since the product is quite runny, this packaging doesn't do any justice especially if you're gonna be travelling with it. It tends to get messy after quite some time.

04 Take 3 when blended onto the back of my hand seemed to disappear. This is a good news to indicate that the shade matched the skin tone on the back of my hand.

Since the texture of the foundation is too liquidy and runny, I will advice you to use a stippling brush or sponge for application to create less mess.

For me, the only stippling brush in my possession is ELF Powder Brush. LOLX! Yeah, powder brush but I use it as stippling brush instead.

Life is all about breaking the rules and to be different.

Another reason is that application is quite easy with a stippling brush since the texture of the product is quite runny. You don't need to drag the product across your face like mad so, less worries on tugging on your precious skin.

I've told you earlier in this entry that I've grown a shade darker than my initial shade so... this foundation looks a little bit off for me.

All in all, it covered my uneven skin tone quite well. Broken capillaries around the nose were gone. Pimple scars could not be seen, wrinkles and dark circles diminished!

Since the foundation is a shade fairer, I had to contour my face. I worn it for 3 to 4 hours during application days and surprisingly, it worked quite well. Minimal greasiness and as long as you don't go and rub your face, the foundation will stay put.

Medium to full coverage depending on the amount of foundation you use. Easy and smooth application. Product lasts probably 5 to 6 hours.

Tube-style packaging is not good due to it's runny texture. Difficult to get for those staying out of KL since a lot of Stage outlets have closed down over the last few months.

Price - RM90
Product - 3.5 out of 5
Packaging - 2 out of 5
Availability - Stage Cosmetics, Midvalley Megamall, KL
Re-purchase - Maybe

Have you tried Stage Photo Pro or Picture Perfect Foundation yet?

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