Monday, April 16, 2012

Sephora Lacquer Nail Polishes

*drums roll*

Yeah, baby, finally, I've set my hands on Sephora Lacquer Nail Polishes after going into Sephora numerous of times, trying out every single colour I could find from the shelves.

If you are not sure how these babies look like, here's a picture for your eyes.

The nail polishes basically look like those we have in the picture above and believe me or not, if you haven't been Sephora yet, you'll go crazy if you know there are like more than 20 colours to choose from!

Previously, I used to try on 10 different colours on all my fingers and I loved them all. If I could take off my shoes and paint my toe nails on the spot, I swear, I'd do so as well!

Anyway, after which I got to know that these babies retail at RM21 each, I changed my mind on purchasing them since I could get cheaper nail polishes at RM10 for 3 at our local night markets. Of course on the term of quality, you can't compare with those from Sephora but well... it just personal liking, I guess.

Last week, before I sent my cousin off to Burma for her long awaited expedition, she bought these nail polishes for me for my birthday!

I was surprise what she had in her hands and suddenly, she just passed it to me and said, "I don't know which colours you like so, I figured out you'll like these two since you're not the pink-type of girls."

I went hype and screamed when I saw these babies! You know, the feeling of not wanting to waste RM21 on one single bottle of nail polish and when someone gives it to you, you're over the moon!

Yes, that's right, that's my life for you! Best of all - I get free stuffs all the times courtesy of those around me who love me for who I am.


Anyway... these are the two shades my cousins bought for me.

Full Moon Party, which is purple with shimmers and glitters.Santa is Coming, which is demure red without sparkles or glimmers but still shines. The texture of both shades is different. Full Moon Party tends to be more sticky due to the shimmers and glitters whereas Santa is Coming is more runny.

So, I guess you all know which shade applies easily, right?

The only thing I don't like about this product is the packaging. It is too small and the brush handle is too short hence, it is difficult to control the application of the product.

My cousin chose these two shades randomly and yeah, she made no mistakes because I like these two shades like totally!

Full Moon Party looks so nice from the bottle that I was tempted to try it out first. The first thing that came across my mind when I was applying the product was that this shade for sure would be opaque but I was wrong... It was semi opaque.

The finger on your left has two applications on whereas the finger on your right has only one application. You can be your own judge. No, don't judge the length of my nails because I broke my nails all the times!

I tried on Santa is Coming and immediately fell in love with the shade. With only one application, it looked opaque enough that you wouldn't need the second layer.

If you're wondering how long can these nail polishes last on your nails, I can't answer you because we go through different stuffs in life everyday.

If you're the type that do a lot of housework like cleaning, cooking, etc, etc, then, you can't expect a lot from all the nail polishes in the world. If you're that type that sit still and do nothing, perhaps, every nail polish you're applying will last around 1 to 2 weeks on your nails.

Perhaps, all of you are aware that if you want nail polishes to last longer, apply a base coat and then, your selected colours and top off with a top coat.

A lot of shades to choose from! 
Inconsistent texture for all the shades. Quite expensive unless you have additional pocket money to spare. Packaging is too mini, difficult to control the brush.

Price - RM21 each
Product - 3 out of 5
Packaging - 2.5 out of 5
Availability - Sephora
Re-purchase - Erm... if I am filthy rich, yeah!

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