Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cheesy birthday

Hello everybody!

I am supposed to blog about the incredible Lancôme Visionnaire but well... let's just wait for few more days, shall we?

Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures taken during my birthday dinner with stupid sister and hommie at Wong Kok SS2. Life is bad but it goes on, so... while not smile through it? You'd never know who might just pass you by and fall in love with your smile, right?

For your information, I am not 20 years old or something even near that. It just happened to be that the bakery that stupid sister went to did not have enough smaller candles, hence, the cashier gave five big candles instead. LOLX!

Am I seeing things or what?

I just realized I looked so slim in this picture? No, no, no... I did not cheat at all. I am already so lazy to even photoshop so, I guess you all can actually see that I went out without makeup on or anything. Even my shirt was an old one so... nothing vain or spectacular - just me, myself and I.

Well... true enough, there are no ugly girls, just lazy ones but once a while, you need to give your skin a break. Judging from my picture below, I bet all of you can see that I was having a bad hair day because look at my fringe!


It's okay? At least I feel human because I am not perfect as a person.

Happy working week people and yeah, TGIF!

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