Monday, April 9, 2012

Rendezvous of the week

My life has been pretty dull and boring lately.

Yeah, I know - I am a boring person by nature hence it explains why I am still single and hating it.

One of my cousins came from Sydney for a visit and I was really glad to see her since it probably has been more than 2 years since I last seen her. I actually forgot to take a picture with her but this time around, she brought me some birthday gifts all the way from Australia - my favourite Carmex lip balms and some perfumes too. Too bad no pictures taken because I was too busy sorting out my gifts.

Just before she left for her 7-month expedition to Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Europe, she handed me surprise gift from Sephora. Indeed, I was wondering what she got for me since she said she chose them randomly since she wasn't sure what to get for me.

My first nail lacquers from Sephora thanks to my dearest cousin!

Mum was asking, "How much does a bottle of the nail lacquer cost?"

I showed her the receipt and she went, "What?! RM21 for just one tiny bottle?!"

Yes, correct, RM21 for one bottle. I'd never bring myself to spend more than RM10 for a bottle of nail lacquer actually. Call me cheapskate but yeah, that's me!

After my cousin left for Burma, mum and my stupid brother brought me on a shopping spree. Yeah, I forgot to mention that my mum came for a visit.

She got me my long awaited sunscreen because according to her, it is high time that I start using sun protection products since I will hit 30 like, real soon. LOLX!

I actually chose another product - a moisturizer with SPF protection since I ran out of my Olay Moisturizer with SPF. Since I have another an additional moisturizer in my possession, I figured out I should at least finish it up but I need a sun protection product!

Stupid brother actually gave me RM100 voucher as my birthday present which I gave away RM50 voucher to mum and I was left with another RM50. Initially, I intended to use that voucher to exchange for some skincare products but stupid brother kept on hinting that I should buy more and get more vouchers! In the end, I spent RM207 to get the following skincare products and an additional RM30 vouchers.

RM207 for two products from Clinique.

So, there I had it, no birthday present from my brother this year! Craps!

Mr. Elder brother, if you're reading this, I want SKII Miracle Treatment Essence!!!

Anyway, he did bring mum and I for nice lunch at Ben's at KLCC though. Our experience there was kinda pleasant but mum noticed a great big rat ran across the floor as soon as she was seated! She told the staff about it and they kept on searching high and low for that rat!

Rat issue aside as of now. These are the pictures of the interior of Ben's at KLCC. Pictures were 'borrowed' from Drops of Contentment and Goody Foodies since I forgot to take them.

The atmosphere was quite comfortable and cozy! Mum enjoyed laying back on the sofa after lunch just to chat with us.

The menu was quite unique too.

Something that looked like handwriting!

Okay, here are pictures of our orders of the day!

The soup paired with crusty and crunchy garlic bread tasted really good at Ben's. I mean, I am not that kinda person who is easily intrigued with mushroom soups served with garlic breads because I have eaten worst soups ever. This soup tasted buttery and it did smell good upon serving. The soup wasn't overly sticky or something like that but I did notice a generous portion of chopped mushrooms - which was good!

I don't usually order salads or stuffs like that when it comes to eating out. I mean, for that price that you're gonna pay, you can buy the ingredients and make 5 to 6 servings of salads at home!

Since it was my brother's treat and recommendation, I guess it was okay. Hahaha. Sorry that I am being a cheapskate again. It just happens randomly.

I truly enjoy Ben's House Salad. I've never tried avocado before and even though it did taste like butter, at least I knew it was healthier than butter. LOLX! The salad dressing was something I really like - couldn't figure out what dressing they used. Topped with sesame and edamame, I can only use one word to describe this dish - heavenly!

When this dish came, I was thinking, "Craps... how can they serve such a pathetic looking dish?!"

Honestly, it didn't taste as pathetic as it looked. Hahaha... I liked the taste of rice mixed with the fish roe. Nom, nom, nom... Topping salmon with sesame seeds is indeed a wise thing to do - crusty! Mum finished up the portion of salad that came with it.

We ordered Quiche Lorraine but I forgot to take picture of it since mum digged into the pie right as soon as it was served and I didn't make it to take picture of that dish. Hence, I 'stole' the picture from Goody Foodie.

Quiche has to be one of my favourite pies! I've had fair amount of quiches when I was with Starbucks and Ben's has tastier quiches! This pie had streaks of beef bacons and I loved it!

The final dish which came to us as a mistake and we ended up pushing it away because it was served wrongly and we only came to notice the wrong order after we digged into the pie!

Mum's Cottage Pie was superb. Mum was asking, "If I knew it was wrong order but it tastes good, I wouldn't send it away!"

She was right, when we digged into the pie, we saw a generous portion of beef. Since it was served hot, it tasted real good!

I guess I will be going to Ben's sometime next month or so. I am so broke this month!

If you're interested, here's the address.

Ben's KLCC (opposite Harrods)

Lot 140, 1st Floor,
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: +603-21631655 

Opening Hours: 10am-11pm

Fret not for those who don't want to be caught in traffic jam going to KLCC. There's another outlet opening at Publika Shopping Center, Sri Hartamas. If you're staying somewhere nearby Jalan Ipoh, Segambut, Kepong, Damansara, Mont Kiara or Sri Hartamas, you can opt for this outlet instead.

The weekend ended on Sunday and I sent mum off to the airport. I guess it'll  take another period of time before I get to see my parents again.

Anyway, I'm signing off from here. Remember to wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY  tomorrow since I am hitting late twenties on 10th April!

P/S - Venue pictures courtesy of Drops of Contentment and Goody Foodies.

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