Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Barbie Hybrid in Grey

I guess when I am finally posting this entry, I've discarded this pair of colour lenses already. Normally, I'd dispose yearly contact lenses after three months of using. Well, that's me!

Okay, so, getting to the point - Super Barbie Hybrid.

If you're a contact lenses' users, you would have heard about the Super Barbie series. For once, if you don't know, I am quite particular about my lenses be it, the normal lenses or colour lenses. I don't like colour lenses with THICK rims because I hate those black rims around the coloured lenses.

For most of the colour lenses that I've used before, it was either I've chosen those with minimal black rims or those without rims. I cannot come to digest why people love those black rims. I know those rims serve as enlarging effect to your pupils but... don't those rims look fake?

Anyway, that is purely my opinion, you can disagree with me.

When I saw Super Barbie Hybrid, I fell in love like immediately.

Can't you see in the picture above? The rim looks less than minimal - almost invisible! I love it!

When I wanted to place my order at that time, the supplier didn't have those with degrees and FML, my eyesight is really bad! Without glasses, I am practically blind!

So, I waited for two to three months for the new stocks to reach the supplier and again, I couldn't get my hands on this series! FML again!

Until November or December last year, the supplier whom I got my lenses from, finally had the lenses with my degrees and the exact colour that I wanted - grey!

It looks exactly like this...

Minimal colour and minimal everything!

I wasn't really intrigued with the colour because I thought to myself, "For sure the grey colour cannot show up in the eyes later!"

Well... I was maybe... a little wrong... it did show up in the eyes and yeah, I find myself adoring my eyes after that. LOLX!

For your information the diameter of this series is 16mm and if you're not a big fan of super enlarging effect lenses, I'll advice you not to get it because honestly, it was a pain in the arse to get these lenses into the eyes.

I kid you not!

I had to open my eyes really BIG like literally BIGGER than when I was wearing other lenses because 16mm looks huge!

Oh, yeah, I bet you all know that you will look better if you're pairing your colour lenses with some makeup because well... definitely, I never will wear lenses without makeup on!

There you go! My eyes of the day with Super Barbie Hybrid in Grey! Purple eyeshadows with a little darker shade on the outer V as well as blue liner on the lower eyelids.

Lemme show you the difference with and without the lenses on...

 Honestly, the 16mm lenses do not look obvious but hey, those lenses are damn big, okay?!

Okay, stop staring at the picture - it looks scary.

At the end of the day, after I removed the lenses, my eyes felt so much better without them. I guess those 16mm did strain my eyes a little.

It didn't sting or anything but it was just that the 16mm did make the wearing experience a little well... not so comfortable.

I guess you could see it from the picture above that my eyes kinda looked tired after wearing it for 6 hours.

Bah... I still have a pair of Super Barbie Hybrid in Green.
Looks quite natural. No black rims! 
The extra enlarging effect of 16mm makes the wearing experience a little uncomfortable. Quite dry on the eyes.
Price - RM30 for 2 pairs during promotion
Product - 2.5 out of 5
Packaging - 2 out of 5
Availability - Classic Geo Lens
Re-purchase - No

Anyway, have you try out this series from the Super Barbie before?

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