Friday, March 30, 2012

Surviving the pink!

Hello, people!

It has officially been two weeks since I last updated my blog.

Wondering what I have been doing?


Yes, that is the right word to choose.

In fact, I have been going through a series of unfortunate events that really left me exhausted and I even thought of giving up. I mean, 3 years of hardwork in the university, just because your supervisor and examiner are each other's enemy, the impact is bestowed upon you. This world is not fair. But again, this world is never fair to begin with.

Surviving is very subjective in fact. How I survive in my own world will differ from how you survive in your world. Anyway, I have been doing a series of travelling too - to Singapore.

I'm in the mid of job hunt and I guess you know why I've been travelling to Singapore.

Hopefully God will answer my prayers soon. I really wish I could settle down in Singapore and there on, my new adventure in life will begin.

Other than job-hunting issue, best of all, I have finally bought my PINK blazer! I have been wanting this pink blazer since a gazillion years ago when I first saw it in Zara last year. However, due to it's ridiculous price at RM279, I didn't get it.

I got mine from Kitschen at only RM99.90 and loving it because it is so, so comfortable. I know, for people like us who are staying in a tropical country, blazers would look weird because people would think, "Is she crazy or what? It's 32 degrees out here and she's wearing a blazer?!"

Believe me, this blazer isn't too thick and it is just right for our tropical weather. You can find it in mint green as well as taupe if you don't like pink.

In fact, the whole set of attire I was wearing in the picture was from Kitschen. Dress retailed at RM19.90 only. So, that is definitely a good news!

I wore it to Singapore over the weekend! Hahaha... Oh, that was my soul mate, checking her email. Hahaha. We were at her brother's place for a short refreshment.

Guess what, people, I was out at The Curve last week and bumped into our second Malaysian Idol, Daniel, performing right in front of Sony outlet.

That was the first time I came so close to a star. I mean, yeah, local star. He was like just 100 to 200 meters away from me and bah... friend was telling me, "OMG, he is so short!"


Anyway, that's it for this entry since I am just letting you all know that I am in the pink of health - yeah, surviving. I still have a series of skincare products reviews coming up but let's say I will leave it for another day since the pictures are in a mess right now.

It's Friday already, so people, enjoy your weekend!

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