Thursday, March 15, 2012

For the love of marshmallows...

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day...

Boy... that just reminds me of my childhood songs. LOLX!

So, what are you craving for on a rainy day like today?

Something hot and sweet?

Something chewy and dreamy?

Maybe a combination of everything?

Ah... for a day like today, I'd say it is best to have a cup of steaming hot chocolate served with marshmallows on top.

Don't you feel like running out to the nearest Starbucks or Coffee Bean for a treat to pamper yourself after a hard day's work?

I can't help myself from talking about all these yummilicious food and beverage because marshmallows have to be one of the cutest and irresistible delicacies ever in the history of dessert-making!

Awww... aren't they cute? I wish we can see these here every now and then especially when you're having a bad day, a sight of these beauties would definitely cheer you up, don't you agree?

Alas... if you are a person like me, who is always on the lookout for a better diet plan, it would be best to skip desserts even if you're thinking, "A teeny weeny piece of marshmallow is not gonna do me any harm."

Believe me, you'll thank me later because a teeny weeny piece of marshmallow contains up to maybe 20 to 50 kcal. Imagine if your daily intake of calorie is only 1000 kcal and you've already taken 5 pieces of marshmallows! That is insanely 100 kcal!!!

Fret not, people...

I am here to share the good news with you!


If your tummy is restricted from marshmallows, it doesn't mean you have to restrict your routine skincare from them, right?

Now that I've gotten your attention, here it is... a food your skin and tummy will thank you for!

May I introduce you to Bioré Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash!

Apparently, this product is quite new and it is not available in Malaysia just yet. Well... how did I actually come to know about it?

I was at Singapore last December and saw it at Guardian, so I was thinking, I actually saw this advertisement in Xiaxue's blog few months back. I was really keen to try this foaming facial wash because previously I have just one experience of dealing with foaming facial wash. It was okay but it didn't leave me feeling clean.

As printed on the label, a bottle of this product can be pumped 150 times. For me, that means it can last like... erm... maybe 3 to 4 months for me? You don't really need to pump out the product with maximum pressure because with just one slight pump, a sufficient amount of foam is produced!

How cool is that?

Another reason why you are advised to only one slight pump - the product is very creamy. In another word, it means thick! Imagine you're applying foundation and all of a sudden, you realize you've applied 3 to 4 layers of foundation on your face! OMG... you will look like a vampire!

The creaminess of the foam is not annoying, in fact, you'll love it because it is made with non-drip formula, unlike any other foaming facial washes out there!

Hence, if you feel like watching TV while washing your face, you can do so now with Bioré Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash!

Talk about multi-tasking, kudos to Bioré!

Oh, cleanliness?

I like products that can be thoroughly massaged onto your skin during cleansing process. So, for this foaming facial wash, look at the picture below... I kinda massaged my face in circular motion for about 30 seconds or so... the foam seemed to be absorbed by my skin but hey... it looked so but it is not... you still need to wash it off.

Best of all, I love the smell of this foaming facial wash - something floral and fruity! Yeah, I am anal about skincare products that come with fragrance!

Anyway, another best part is... I know ageing doesn't do me any good but yeah... this product contains collagen!!!

Read me again!


Collagen is damn good for you, me and everyone!

After cleansing, personally, my skin feel clean and moisturized. I am not joking but I really do love this product. I guess for the nearest time, I will not be re-purchasing other cleansing products.

Bioré Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash has to be one of the drugstore gems!

Last but not least, I'll do a summary of this product just in case you are interested.
Affordable! Creamy and thick so less product is needed for full-faced cleansing. Non-drip formula and product contains collagen!

ConsIf you are within Malaysia, I am sorry but I don't think you'll be able to get it. If you are in Singapore, it can be easily bought from any drugstores, Sasa or maybe anywhere! Pump can be redesigned if possible to pump out less product so that there will be less wastage.
Price - SGD$9.95
Product - 4.5 out of 5
Packaging - 4.5 out of 5
Availability - Watson, Guardian, Sasa and almost everywhere in Singapore
Re-purchase - Yes, yes, yes!

Pray hard that I'll get my arse to Singapore as soon as possible because if I do... I might consider 'smuggling' beauty products back to Malaysia for you all. Hahahaha... No hidden charge! Hehehe... Believe me, it's gonna be for long run because I wanna stay there like for the longest time ever, ever, ever!

Anyway, Happy Thursday people and you all should be happy because tomorrow is Friday!



Isabel said...

Yet another product that is not available in Msia. argh!!

Angel Valerie said...

Yeah, Isabel... sadly, that's the fact. I do believe Hada Labo has similar product with similar packaging. I'm not sure of it because I have never used it before. Prices for both in MYR, are almost the same too.

Hopefully, Biore Malaysia will bring this product in.