Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cel-Derma Dual Effect Hydrogel Mask

Argh... another backdated entry.

Hahaha... Yeah, I procrastinated a lot. Should have posted this entry like way, way back... Well, I am done with these masks now, so, I guess I could give a thorough two-cent on it as of now.

So, I am reviewing Cel-Derma Dual Effect Hydrogel Mask. Phew... it has such a long name!

The packaging feels cool once you touch it, which is a nice thing! One bad thing is that the size of the packaging is actually quite big, so... you understand that, right? Flimsy.

Once you get the mask out, you'll somehow notice there are two pieces - one for the upper part of your face and another one for the chin or lower part of your face. Argh... I don't know how to describe it but I'm trying my best.

The material feels surreal - it is not the typical mask we get in the market but it is kinda like a mask that comes in gel form. It is not exactly wet or dry in the packaging but I'd say it's NEAT because it doesn't drip like other paper masks I've tried!

I don't think there is any smell to the mask because I don't remember the slightest scent of it. Normally, I would opt for products with scents because I am just anal about them however, I am good with this one because I like the tingly cooling sensation as soon as you applied it onto your face. LOLX!

You will feel the mask being sucked onto your face! Tight! No joke and I like the tightness of it way better than paper masks! Hahaha...

Allow it to dry maybe for 15 to 20 minutes - you'll notice the difference when you first took out the mask from the packaging to half an hour later. I supposed that is how masks should work, right, even for gel masks.

FYI, my hair was wet as I just stepped out of the shower when I was applying this mask and taking pictures. Since my long hair always gets in the way when I am doing my doing my routine skincare, usually, I'll wrap it up with a towel. Only after I'm done with everything, I'll let my hair down.

Okay, I look like a nun everytime I wrap my hair up - I admit that.

Anyway, my verdict after using this mask is - cooling and well... you can immediately feel your skin being tightened and moisturized! Best part of it, it is not messy! A lazy person like me can never tolerate messiness because I hate cleaning and clearing things up.

Besides that, your skin will remain clear for the next day or two. Results may vary, so don't quote me.

There you go - I've told you guys that I usually wear my hair down, haven't I?

The only downside to it is because I can no longer get more of these masks because one of my Korean students actually gave me these masks for FREE to thank me for the extra lessons I have given her. I thought of asking her to get more of the masks for me but it seems like it is impossible now because she has returned to Korea and we no longer keep in touch.

It was so thoughtful of her because I kept complaining to her that I have enlarged pores that I wanna get rid of... aww... once a while, you do get to meet sweet people like her.
Pros - Skin feels moisturized, clear and tightened!

Cons - Not available in Malaysia.
Price - I don't know...
Product - 4 out of 5
Packaging - 3 out of 5
Availability - I don't know - try Korean supermarkets in KL
Re-purchase - Yes but I don't think I can as of now...

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